5 Ways to Boost Your Activity Level & Improve Your Health

by Rachel Connolly

Stats show most people are stressed and anxious on a daily basis. Considering the increased demands of the modern workplace, widespread urbanization, and declining social life, it’s not surprising. The environment we engage with regularly isn’t good for our physical and mental health. Maybe it is time to step out of the grind and consider some leisure activities that will improve both your mental and physical health. Here’s a list of 7 activities you should consider if you feel like you’re burned out and can’t take it anymore.

Going on a Picnic

Research shows that spending time outdoors and in open green spaces is extremely effective in calming a person down and reducing stress and anxiety. That’s why picnics have traditionally been a way for people to cope with harsh conditions in their daily lives.

Sadly, there’s been a drastic decrease in the number of picnics and long visits to parks and other places rich in nature due to a myriad of reasons, some of them unavoidable, while others are of our own doing. Maybe it is time to rethink your attitude towards picnics and give them a chance.

Visiting Your Friends and Family

Living away from your hometown can be quite trying and stressful, and if you don’t create a social group quickly, you might become isolated and unable to socialize sufficiently to be in a good mood. Spending a weekend on a short visit to your family will refresh your state of mind and give you new energy to get back to your life and tackle the issues you’re facing.

A Vacation Abroad

A vacation abroad is a classic way of dealing with stress. If you’re feeling particularly distressed or lost, a vacation abroad is enough for you to recuperate and clear your mind. Since summer is coming, you have a range of options available, from beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean to rosy and soothing cities of East Asia. Enjoying a Mallorca party or spending some time in a Japanese bathhouse is an experience you won’t forget quickly.

Visiting a Museum or a Heritage Site

Visiting a museum or a heritage site is an excellent way to reinvigorate your imagination – seeing the long arch of history helps people put their problems into perspective and encourage them to be more active in their lives.

Watching paintings and sculptures has inspired countless poets, novelists, architects, philosophers, and even politicians over the years, and they haven’t lost their power now. A visit to a museum is sure to help you with stress, and if you want to keep art in your home, you can buy detailed fine art prints that will adorn your house and help your mental state.


Engaging in sports is a great way to relieve stress. Studies show that playing sports boosts your cognitive abilities and decreases your chances of depression. This is not to mention all the benefits of playing sports have on your physical health.

However, you need to make playing sports a habit if you want to see big improvements, and to do that, you have to approach it strategically. Too many people start going all in and burn themselves out relatively quickly, and then they regress to their previous unhealthy habits.

That’s why if you’re not used to extensive physical exercises, you should start with relatively simple and non-demanding sports like golf (if you don’t know how to play, you can read about the best beginner golf clubs to get started). This slowly makes you get used to sports and you’ll be able to give more intense activities a go. It’s important to realize, however, even the simple exercises you’ll get playing golf can greatly improve your health.


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