Summer Beach Essentials

I don’t know about you but here are TPM we are counting down the days until the ever-coveted Memorial Day: the long weekend where the fantasy of a carefree beach day is finally made reality. Sand between our toes, the foaming ocean waves, a tropical drink in one hand and a fabulous straw bag in the other….Memorial Day was meant to be spent beachside. We present to you our favorite beach essentials to have the best Memorial Day by the sea.

What to Wear

The Ava swimsuit in myrtle by Jessica Rey, $108

The obvious must-have for the beach is a fashionable swimsuit. The fully-lined asymmetrical Ava one piece by Jessica Rey is the perfect pick for a modern twist on a classic racerback suit. An oversized bow on the shoulder is ideal for a movie star tanning moment, while the removable support shelf bra makes the piece easy for swimming. Jessica Rey uses regenerated polyamide and lycra xtra life for an eco-friendly durable material.

The Teal Jaguar sarong by Beastly Threads, $85

Cover up post-swim with a hand block-printed sarong by Beastly Threads. The one-of-a-kind lightweight creations are designed in Santiago, Chile and then printed by artisans in Jaipur, India using organic cotton voile and nontoxic dyes. Each print is inspired by a different endangered animal, and proceeds from that scarf then benefits organizations to protect that species. We love the Teal Jaguar sarong– a stunning blue green shade that enhances any outfit next to the ocean. The cotton is slightly see-through, catching the sunlight for a beautiful fashion statement. Plus $10 from every purchase supports the Northern Jaguar Project to protect jaguars from poaching and habitat destruction in Sonora, Mexico.

The Sea Turtle sarong by Beastly Threads, $85

For a more playful look, the Sea Turtle sarong brings a pop of lime green to any swimsuit. The whimsical print is a go-to for an oceanside vacation, and similarly, $10 of each sale is donated to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center that focuses on public education and research for ocean conservation. “When I started Beastly Threads several years ago, I knew I wanted my textiles to be more than just pretty,” founder Torrey Shawe explained. “They needed to be made with love using organic fabric and non-toxic dyes. The people involved in production needed to be treated ethically and compensated well. The packaging needed to be as chic and eco-friendly as the contents. And most of all, the company needed to give back by contributing to wildlife and habitat conservation efforts. They need our help now more than ever!”

The Sienna hat in natural by Mar Y Sol, $115

Find shade from the sun with the Sienna hat by Mar Y Sol. The wide-brimmed headpiece features a crocheted raffia design and floppy structure for easy packing. Opt for the natural straw hue for a versatile classic style.

The Camden bag in pink by Mar Y Sol, $149

No beach outing is complete without the perfect handbag. The Camden tote by Mar Y Sol redefines the beach bag for a luxe look carrying towels. With a rainbow slew of color options, the handwoven raffia bag can match with any outfit.

What to Use

The Sport Natural Mineral Sunscreen by Suntregity, $24

Protect against the sun with the new Sport Natural Mineral Sunscreen by Suntregity. The UV chemical-free sunscreen is SPF 30 and water resistant for up to 80 minutes, perfect for a midday dip. Founder Tricia Trimble started Suntegrity in memory of her own mother who passed away from skin cancer. The paraben, silicone, and phthalate-free sunscreen is specifically designed as an all-natural approach to sun damage prevention. The Sport Natural Mineral Sunscreen has an amazing light orange scent that almost doubles as a faint perfume, and the packaging is reef-friendly and biodegradable. Don’t go to the beach without it.


The Surf Mud by Eir NYC, $24

Soothe the skin with Surf Mud by EiR NYC, a deliciously rich primer inspired by Mayan chocolate face masks. Using all-natural non-nano zinc oxide for UVA and UVB light protection, the Surf Mud helps prevent sunburns, irritation, and signs of aging. The blend of beeswax, cocoa butter, and essential oils rejuvenate the skin through hydrating fatty acids to increase blood flow. The easy-on lightweight balm has a slight peppermint scent with chocolate undertones for a scrumptious natural scent. Apply dime-sized amounts to the face for a water-resistant glow. Plus EiR NYC products are 100% reef-safe!

The Sport Luxe deodorant by Lavanila, $24

Stay smelling fresh with the Sport Luxe deodorant by Lavanila. The award-winning aluminum-free high performance deodorant lets you sweat, swim, and lounge without worrying about unpleasant odors. The deodorant is also infused with SmartSport technology, a mix of antibacterial, antimicrobial, and nourishing actives including rosemary, sage, Japanese green tea, and organic baking soda to break down sweat molecules. All together it’s a slightly floral, definitely refreshing scent perfect for a day at the beach.

Coastal Cosmetics

The Highlighter Trio Set by Cocokind, $33

Look your best on the beach with these cosmetic creations, like the Highlighter Trio Set by Cocokind perfect for a sensual dewy look. The easy-to-use sticks enhance your best features when applied along the cheekbones, eyelids, or brows, lifting the face and radiating a luscious summertime warmth. The vegan sticks use organic adaptogenic mushrooms to hydrate and nourish the skin, and the roll-on form blends nicely for a sun-kissed look. Pick from the yellowy gold Sunrei, bronze Chagaglo, or the rose Mai-Light shades, or layer all three!

The Mermaid Palette by 100% PURE, $48

The Mermaid Palette by 100% Pure is a mystical dream. The sea-inspired palette uses fruit and vegetable pigmented shades for all-natural blush, luminizer, and eyeshadow. Our favorites include the Shell eyeshadow for a sparkly seaweed fantasy with gold and moss green, and the stunning Coral is an orange-pink blush with a light bronze shimmer. The Star Fish eyeshadow also is a seductively mysterious charcoal-purple blend with a chocolate undertone, perfect for an evening look.

The Rallye Balm by Red Apple Lipstick, $15

The Rallye Balm and Exfoliate Stick by Red Apple Lipstick work nicely together to hydrate and smooth lips. The Rallye Balm is essentially a lip balm in lipstick form, with an easy roll-on approach in a sleek pebbled black tube. The cream-colored balm eases dry lips with a Vitamin E-rich formula and cold-pressed castor seed oil. With a SPF 8, the balm is also a great foundation prior to applying lipstick or lip gloss. You can even use the gluten-free vegan product to moisturize the face!

The Exfoliate Stick by Red Apple Lipstick, $17

Pair the Rallye Balm with the Exfoliate Stick to clear dry skin. The paraben-free line also uses jojoba seed, beeswax, and candelilla wax for a rich texture. Gently rub on and wipe off similar to a body exfoliant. The minty scent also is refreshing as well as soothing.

The Oh My Guava lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick, $23.50

After rejuvenating your lips, apply the Oh My Guava lipstick, also by Red Apple Lipstick. We’re obsessed with the brand’s array of coveted shades, but Oh My Guava is especially ideal for a beach-friendly look. The light mauve shade enhances your natural beauty while highlighting the face for a perfect natural glow. It’ll be your new favorite summer shade.

The Berried Treasure lip gloss by Red Apple Lipstick, $18.50

To complete your gorgeous pout, dab on some Berried Treasure lip gloss from Red Apple Lipstick. You’ll feel like a mermaid in this sun-friendly bronze pink gloss that is packed full of vitamins E and C. The highly-pigmented natural shade has a wisp of spearmint to heal chapped lips as part of the Mint 2 Be lip gloss collection. The silky texture is clump-free, and is easy applied for an on-the-go chic.

The No. 66 nail polish by côte, $18

Don’t dare wear flip flops without a beach-ready pedicure. We love the long-lasting baby blue teal No. 66 shade by côte to match the ocean waves while frolicking the sand. The cruelty-free vegan line doesn’t rely on major toxins like formaldehyde (no one wants to have a beach vacation out of Ted Bundy tape) so you can rest easy knowing your nails are all natural.

The No. 15 nail polish by côte, $18

For a manicure, go for the No. 15. The grown-up version of hot pink would look great with a tan, or better yet, holding a margarita while lounging on a yacht. Take note of côte’s  Italian glass bottles as maybe look into an Amalfi Coast trip– you have the manicure for it!

Beachy Hair Care

The I Create Waves spray by Innersense, $28

Take the ocean waves home with the I Create Waves by Innersense. The new spray brings an effortless lightweight texture to the hair without the dreaded crunch from traditional hairsprays. One of our favorite haircare products this season, I Create Waves uses pink Himalayan salt, amethyst crystals, and aloe vera to hydrate the hair while styling. Plus the added lavender and Angelica scent makes for a comforting envelope of aroma that is meant to spiritually awaken the emotional centers.


The Color Awakening Hairbath by Innersense, $28
The Color Radiance Daily Conditioner by Innersense, $30

If you have some curl, we recommend washing with the Color Awakening Hairbath followed by the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, also both by Innersense. The hairbath–akin to shampoo–provides an extra layer of moisture while cleansing. Both the hair bath and conditioner use coconut and pumpkin seed oils to enhance color while shea butter and rice bran refresh the hair. The hairbath has a delicious sweet citrus candy scent, and the conditioner boasts an amazing floral smell perfect for summertime with notes of coconut and avocado oils. After using both products, we noticed a definite improvement in both moisture (goodbye dry hair!) and sheen.

The Mermaid Dry Shampoo by Captain Blankenship, $24

For haircare on-the-go, the Mermaid Dry Shampoo by Captain Blankenship is an easy fix. The talc-free shampoo brings life back to unwashed hair with organic arrowroot powder and kaolin clay. The aluminum-free baking soda also absorbs oil to rid your hair of grease. Just sprinkle some of the cotton floral-scented powder along the roots of your hair, and be on your way!

Post-Ocean Relaxation

The Sea Kelp Serenity Bath Soak by Bathorium, $8.95

Wind down from your sandy day with the Sea Kelp Serenity Crush Bath Soak by Bathorium. Utilizing natural organic sea kelp, French sel de mer, and Dead Sea mud, the Bath Soak is the ultimate spa jackpot. Sea kelp is an anti-inflammatory, and the added therapeutic lavender and bergamot essential oils help to balance and restore energy. Bonus: the Bath Soak has an addictively perfect scent. With a slogan like “start the tub, crack the wine,” it’s hard not to fall in love. We’re officially hooked.

The Hawaiian Hydration by Mahalo Skin Care, $140

To naturally plump and moisturize skin, Mahalo Skin Care’s Hawaiian Hydration has harnessed antioxidant-rich gold, copper, and vitamin C for a uniquely effective product. Apply the serum day and night, and massage into skin. The advanced cellular repair concentrate also uses botanical extracts of hibiscus, green tea, and jasmine to create a hydrating floral aroma. So effective that it’s bottled liquid gold….literally!

The Unveil by Mahalo Skin Care, $70

Use with the Unveil cleanser melt concentrate, also by Mahalo Skin Care, to wash away impurities and “unveil” a fresh complexion. The green tea-scented balm to milk formula is 100% water free, and blends fragrances of cocoa and fragonia for a refreshing fragrance.  All Mahalo Skin Care products are formulated without synthetics, and are gentle on the skin.

The Sea Moss Exfoliator by Cocokind, $17

Exfoliate away the debris of the day with the Sea Moss Exfoliator by Cocokind, an earthy powder meant to be mixed with water to create a gel-like texture. Apply and lightly massage onto skin, and then rinse with warm water. The sea moss effectively smoothes while collecting dead skin cells. The all-natural formula of organic Irish moss, organic grapeseed oil, and organic geranium oil (seriously, just three ingredients!) is a gentle and healthy approach to exfoliation.

The Yuzu Lemonade Peel by Savor Beauty, $80

The Yuzu Lemonade Peel by Savor Beauty similarly brightens and tones the skin for a refreshed glow. The jelly-like peel is recommended to be used for 30 seconds once a week to quickly exfoliate and unclog pores. The yuzu oil, salicylic acid, Kakadu plum, and PHA make for a powerfully effective all-natural enzyme peel that fades sun spots– plus it smells like a sweet lemon so that’s always a plus! We love how gentle and cooling the peel is, and obviously its standout results.

The Pa’akai Cleansing Cream by Honua Hawaiian Skincare, $24

End your day with the Pa’akai Cleansing Cream by Honua Hawaiian Skincare. The natural skincare line draws from traditional Hawaiian healing practices to create completely green, cruelty-free products. The name Honua is derived from Mama Honua, or Mother Earth, to remind users what is at the heart of the company. The Pa’akai Cleansing Cream is undoubtedly one of our favorite products this season. Using Hawaiian salt, hibiscus, and limu seaweed extract, the daily cleanser leaves skin soft and hydrated. The hibiscus-pink concoction can even be transformed into a face mask by adding water so you can appreciate its calming features even longer.

This Memorial Day weekend, we hope you enjoy your beach excursion thanks to these amazing eco-friendly products. But most of all, we hope you relax!


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