7 Useful tips to help you style your skirts

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There is no denying that skirts are among the best clothing items you can have in your closet, because they are the statement of femininity and elegance. However, it can be tricky when you are trying to create a style with them, as you may not be sure if you are doing the right thing anyway.

Whatever type of skirt it is – tulle skirt, denim skirt, A-line skirt, pencil skirt, and so on, it is easy to agree that they can help you make a strong style statement – whether sophisticated, sexy, subtle, show-stopping, serious, or sweet. It offers you many options on what you can do with it, but you may need pointers to utilize this understated power to your advantage. Here are some useful pointers to help in your styling.


Defining your waist by tucking in your tops into the skirt

When you are wearing a pencil skirt, it is generally easier to get away with an untucked top. However, an A-line skirt is notoriously difficult to do that, as it is not fitted – especially when you are on the curvier side. By tucking in your top or knotting it, you will help to create some sense of structure as it defines your waist better – otherwise, the whole look will seem aimless and shapeless.

note that each skirt and top combination will look different, depending on whether you blouse it out or tuck it in, so make sure to experiment with different shapes and see what flatters you the most. If you want some extra waist definition, you can even incorporate a belt.


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Experimenting with different tops when wearing tulle skirts

We understand very well that tulle skirts are an enormous risk to pull off. You likely do not want to look like a ballerina when you step outside y0uor house – but the good news is, tulle skirts are more versatile than you might think.

Depending on the specific top you wear it with, you can change up the look to be sweet, classy, or even casual. In addition, you can pair it with your favorite sneakers especially when you want to go casual – the ultimate choice is all up to you. Who knows, you might end up having a look you really enjoy, and wear it more often.


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Always go for the skirts that hit at your waist (the natural waist level)

When you are wearing a skirt, it is essential to search for one that hits your natural waist, for the tops to stay in place and prevent sagging. It also makes your overall look very elegant without trying too hard. The problem with selecting skirts that hit below will always show up when you are attempting to tuck in your top – it always slides out, and leaves you more frustrated than comfortable.


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If you are wearing a skirt that is at knee-length or above, wear the correct shoes

Part of what makes skirts notoriously difficult to figure out is the shoes. What kind of shoes do I go for? Do flats even make them look good or shabby?

Well, the rule is not set in stone, as you will generally choose your shoes based on your style preferences, the skirt itself, and your body type. However, as a general rule, you can wear heels or flats with a knee-length skirt or a shorter skirt, while midi skirts look better with heels.

If wearing heels is not your thing, then it is understandable that you do not own many midi skirts. A knee-length skirt will give you greater versatility in the shoes you can wear and give you a choice to quickly either dress up or down through change of footwear.


Consider the basic formula for skirt looks

It is pretty simple, but always consider that a dressed up look involves a blouse with heels, and a dressed down look involves a t-shirt or cotton tee with flat sandals. It is important to keep this rule in mind when you are selecting a skirt, as this will help you decide if the skirt you are purchasing is too casual or too fancy.

For instance, a denim skirt is a casual one, but when you wear a blouse and heels with it, it steps up the look. A floral skirt tends to lean on the semi-formal side, but you can dress it down by changing the top, and wearing it with sandals. The more you keep this rule in mind, the more you can identify the most versatile looks.


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Tailor your skirts

If you happen to be on the short side in terms of height, wearing long skirts can seem a daunting task. For petite women, choosing the correct skirt is a hard choice because there is so much conflicting advice –some people tell you maxi skirts are a bad idea, others claim it lengthens your torso – so what do you do?

Well, one of the best solutions is something you may not have thought of; getting the skirt tailored. The cost might seem expensive in certain cases, it is important to note some stores will offer free changes in case you need them. On the other hand, if this does not work, you can also tailor it yourself, and hemming is not a difficult process.


Select the right skirt for you

This is likely the hardest lesson to learn, because when you are still finding your way, you will likely make a lot of fashion mistakes. However, do not let the naysayers get to you, and choose a skirt that works well with your body and brings out your best features, while helping you feel as confident as possible.

Even if you are short, for instance, and are not supposed to wear maxi skirts, you can still find your way around them through tailoring and adjustments. If you are not sure, then you can bring a friend with you to help you decide.


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Styling skirts is a tricky process because of the considerations you must keep in mind. However, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous look when you get it right, as the skirt is a timeless look that will rarely disappoint you.

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