Most Exquisite Neighborhoods in Sydney You Have to See

Sydney should undoubtedly find its place on every globetrotter’s travel bucket list: its impeccable beaches, vivid urban landscapes, rich culture, and history make it an endless array of interesting things to see and do. Add to this the fact that it’s eco-friendly and a real paradise for foodies, coffee lovers, and artists, and it becomes obvious why it is deemed the best city in Australia – if not the entire world. However, its sheer vastness makes it so difficult to truly explore everything it has to offer! Therefore, before you book your ticket and pack your suitcase, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the most exquisite neighborhoods in this city that will certainly not disappoint. Read on.


SydneyNewtown is for the free-spirited, for those who don’t mind spontaneity and the adventures that an unplanned night stepping in and out of bars and listening to live music on the streets can bring. Newtown is a very artistic corner of Sydney, with murals wherever you look and galleries worth checking out if you too are an art geek. In fact, you can even make it your mission to explore all the amazing art that makes the streets of this neighborhood so colorful. In any case, make sure you don’t skip the famous King Street, where you can see beautiful Victorian and Edwardian buildings, and, of course, spend a whole day shopping in the interesting and unique little locales.

Crows Nest

Sydney Australia luna parkSydney is also an amazing destination for families as well as for people traveling on business and who are looking to savor this city for a longer time than just a few days. Situated near Lavender Bay and exciting places such as Wendy’s Secret Garden, Sydney Luna Park, and several parks, Crows Nest is actually the most liveable suburb in the city, which makes it a perfect spot for extended stays. The quiet atmosphere and the friendly neighbors make it a pleasure to walk down its streets. Another plus about staying in Crows Nest is that you can find great accommodation in Lower North Shore quite easily and avoid the headaches of congested traffic and simply too much noise.

Surry Hills

surry hills sydney

If you consider yourself somewhat of a hipster, make sure you visit the neighborhood of Surry Hills that boasts a large population of this subculture, which is visible every step you take on its streets. What you will certainly notice, besides the lovely cafes and restaurants, is that many of the best bars are hidden from sight – the small bar revolution is the most prominent in this part of town beside Darlinghurst, and the low-ceiling basement locales with the ambient lighting will surely show you a different side of Sydney. While your first impression will be that this neighborhood is understated, you will find plenty of nightlife under the surface.


Manly SydneyOf course, we have to give some credit to the amazing beaches of this city as well. Manly is just far enough from the buzz of the center for it to feel comfortably isolated, occupying a little peninsula and even boasting a national park. The sandy beaches give you plenty of things to do, and they are perfect for both leisure and for moving those muscles. You can try kayaking and sailing, or you can attend one of the festivals organized in Manly, such as the Manly Jazz or the Taste of Manly. All in all, nature lovers will feel at home in this corner of Sydney for sure.


balmain sydneyFor those who are looking to experience all things Sydney, the harbor is perhaps one of the things that occupy the top of the list. A great neighborhood to experience it is thus Balmain, where you will find many restaurants and bars with a great view of the waterfront. Besides, it is a very stylish neighborhood with street views you will adore and coffee that will make you want to come back for more. In addition, if you’re a fan of Italian food, you will be delighted to find out that the area boasts a notable Italian population, thanks to which you will be able to grab some of the best pizza and pasta in Balmain.

The Rocks

And finally, a staple when it comes to Sydney neighborhoods, the Rocks is an absolute must-visit when you’re in this Australian city. It is the oldest neighborhood in Sydney, and it is an intriguing place, with urban legends and a history that will spark your interest. When you’re there, you must check out some of the 100(!) heritage sites, the Sydney Observatory, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sydney Opera House as well as the iconic Harbour Bridge – if you’re brave enough you might opt for a climb onto the top of this impressive construction too!

Sydney is huge and the number of interesting things it hides is even more massive. Different neighborhoods will make you feel like you’re in a completely different city, as each one has its own color and history. Make sure you choose wisely when deciding where to find accommodation for your Sydney trip as it will certainly contribute to shaping your impression of this city!

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