Stray Off the Beaten Path to Learn More About a Country

When it comes to travelling to popular destinations, whether it’s to New York, Beijing or London, it’s easy to remain on the beaten path and follow the lead of previous travellers’ footsteps.

However, while these popular tourist destinations obviously have something to them, it’s often argued that you’re not truly experiencing the culture of a country if you only visit them. Therefore, this guide explains all the reasons why you should stray off the beaten path to learn more about a country.


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You’ll Stumble Across Hidden Gems

One of the best things about straying off the beaten path is that you’ll likely find so many amazing hidden gems of a country that haven’t been widely commercialized yet.

While New York is world-famous for its towering skyscrapers, eclectic food scene and amazing architecture, there are still many hidden gems left to be found in the city. Whether it’s a food stall tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city that very few people have discovered, or a tiny little park on the edge of the city, you’re sure to find plenty of hidden gems.

Finding these hidden gems of a place can often be an arduous task as there probably won’t be any research you can do to find them. However, the casual and accidental stumble upon these places is what makes it all worthwhile.


You’ll Notice the Little Things More

Once you remove yourself from the beaten path, you’ll be encouraged to take your travels at a much slower pace. Away from all the bustling streets, bright city lights and swarms of people, you’ll find yourself noticing and appreciating the little things much more.

You probably don’t even have to venture off too far either, just taking yourself a couple of minutes away from the heaving tourist spots can provide you with a sense of peace and serenity you didn’t know you needed.

Straying off the beaten path, you’ll soon slow down and notice the little things such as taking a slow walk, riding a bike, breathing in the fresh air, sipping your coffee a little slower and generally just having a more relaxed vibe about your persona.


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You’ll Be Able to Enjoy Nature and the Fresh Air Much More

Another great reason to stray off the beaten path to learn more about a country is that you’ll be able to enjoy nature more.

A visit to Scotland, whether you’re visiting Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness, is one of the most idyllic trips you can take in Britain.

However, while these cities are certainly picturesque, they don’t allow you to venture too much off the beaten path. One place in Scotland that’s utterly perfect for wandering off the beaten path and immersing yourself in nature is the Scottish Highlands.

Here you’ll be able to leisurely wander through the forests, hills and river-laden paths; you’ll also feel so relaxed and peaceful as you venture into nearby villages for a slow cup of coffee and a traditional Scottish meal.

The Scottish Highlands are a true rarity when it comes to straying off the beaten path as there are so many incredible tracks you can take.


You’ll Meet So Many Different People

When you venture off the beaten path, you’re much more likely to come across a vast variety of different people.

If you’re wandering along country roads in the Scottish Highlands for example, you’re likely to stumble across a local village with plenty of authentic locals who’ve lived in the vicinity for centuries. It’s here that you’ll get to hear all about their fascinating tales and what it’s like to live in such a remote place.

Furthermore, straying off the beaten path also lends itself to the opportunity of meeting other like-minded travelers such as yourself. The travelers and tourists who only remain in the popular tourist hotspots will truly be missing out on a sense of adventure that you get by wandering off the beaten path, so when you stumble across other like-minded travelers, it can be a true pleasure.


Photo by Agung Pratamah

You’ll Have So Many Unique Photo Opportunities

Of course, there are certain types of photos that will always look incredible and perform well on photo-sharing apps such as Instagram. Places such as the New York City skyline, the Great Wall of China and the plentiful beaches in the Maldives will always capture people’s attention.

However, by straying off the beaten path, you’ll come across some incredibly rare photo opportunities where not many other people have ventured before. Therefore, you’ll be able to snap a truly unique snap that’s sure to gain plenty of attention, simply because it’s so rare.

Whether you capture these incredible photos for yourself, or you wish to share them with the online world, straying off the beaten path will provide you with plenty of opportunity to capture some fascinating pictures.

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