Top Road Trip Routes You Will Want on Your Bucket List

The great American road trip has had songs written about it and has become so ingrained in American culture, it is practically a rite of passage. There are so many stunning landscapes to see and so many great roads to drive across, that you do yourself a massive disservice if you only ever drive from home to work.

That is why these top road trip routes should be on everyone’s bucket list:


The Overseas Highway in Florida

Take a drive over crystalline waters and head across the overseas highway in Florida. This 113-mile road takes you right through the Florida Keys, the US’s very own slice of Caribbean heaven. Take pit stops to enjoy seafood shacks, enjoy a dip in the water, and of course to take pictures. If there is anywhere in the United States you want to take beach photos, it is here.


Photo by Dino Reichmuth / Arches National Park Entrance Station, Moab, United States.


The Going-To-The-Sun-Road in Montana


Big Sky Country is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. The Going-to-the-Sun-Road is located in a national glacier park, and the sights here are dramatic and truly awe-inspiring. The only issue with this route is that it is not open all year, and is often only open for a month or less during the summer months. There is no fixed opening time, either, as it depends entirely on the conditions of the road. That is why you will want to check the park’s official website in advance to learn of the official opening date once summer rolls around.


The Blue Ridge Parkway Road in North Carolina and Virginia

Enjoy the sights of mountains and prairies alike in the Blue Ridge Parkway Road that is located on the way between North Carolina and Virginia. It is an absolutely magical route that you will want to stop during again and again just to soak in the sights and beauty of the area.


The Valley of the Road in Nevada

The Valley of the Fire road is incredible, both for its colors and its landscapes. This desert is dramatic, beautiful, and of course is located within a day of Las Vegas, making it the must-go route for those visiting the city of sin. The road itself is only 10.5 miles, but you will be making plenty of pit stops along the way, so the route should definitely occupy you throughout the day.

One thing to remember when it comes to these bucket list routes is that you do not need to drive to them. You are not limited by which routes are in your state. You can very easily book a flight to a destination like Nevada and then rent a car by clicking here to then take along the Valley of the Road.


Photo by Andras Vas / Miami, United States


You are not limited by where you can easily get to, and no one expects you to drive all the way from your home up to the glacier park in Montana just to drive along that road. Book your car when you are in the area and enjoy the trip as a whole, without a lengthy and frustrating commute.


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