My Ideal Destination The New Face of Travel

My Ideal Destination The New Face of Travel

The team behind My Ideal Destination decided that it was time to bring back the personal touch, making them the new face of travel within the social media age.

From a Honeymoon to a weekend break the team felt there was a missing element. The days when travel was a big occasion had been lost in a sea of package holidays and scouring the net for a deal, the extra little details that a professional travel agent could slip in like a recommendation for a taverna or give you a little insight into an area without being intrusive, think of them that premium hotel concierge who has the knowledge to add to your trip, something that had been lost and they decided that it was long overdue that it returned, customer service is first and foremost in their ethos.

My Ideal Destination 
My Ideal Destination

Once your ideal getaway is booked, our team will still be on hand to help with all the little extra things that make it easier for you. Whether it is itineraries, tickets for excursions, or even booking you a table in the hottest restaurant your destination has to offer, we can do it all for you. Now that’s ideal!

The addition of the concierge service is of course key to this, the staff are friendly and warm without being intrusive, their breadth of knowledge combined with that willingness to find the best holiday be it custom designed with them booking restaurants or park tickets to just finding the best package deal for you there is a sense of occasion that will make you feel like a celebrity (visions of Joan Crawford or Greta Garbo sweeping through international airports with reams of luggage springs to mind) as your travel agent takes care of (if requested) all those pesky details for  you and making your holiday what it should be: an occasion to enjoy.

This added level of luxury that once upon a time was an elite thing, makes the whole process that little sweeter so when it was revealed they were working on something special with the Luxury Luggage company KitKase (more details on this soon), it came as no surprise, everything about My Ideal Destination says Luxury and adds those personal touches that have been missing in travel for a long time, with the addition of them dealing with KitKase, who have become synonymous with luxury modern luggage (with a celebrity following) there is something of a serendipitous feel to the whole arrangement that adds to the overall couture elements and takes your holiday from a break to a voyage.

From a city break to a world tour, My Ideal Destination goes that extra mile to give you what you need and want in a holiday.  To learn more about the company or to start your next adventure see:

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