Why Everyone Needs Coffee Shop

Why Everyone Needs Coffee Shop

Everyone Needs Coffee Shop In a frenetic world, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness of social media, work, and life to a point where your brain is fried and your body is drained.  You lose your sense of self and start questioning your every move, it becomes hard to see the wood for the trees.

This is where coffee shop culture can be a savior, yes I know not everyone drinks coffee but hear me out.  Coffee shops or even small cafes can be a safe haven.  Designed to be a space to chill and take time out they are legitimately safe spaces that I can endorse.

Sitting with a friend or even alone with a cup of tea or coffee can be a relief, you can charge your phone, sit on your laptop or even just sit quietly and think.  A coffee shop is a space designed to give you breathing space and allow you to relax, a chance to enjoy the moment.

coffee culture
coffee culture

At the high end of the market with boutique or even chain shops you will find an atmosphere of calm, the steady thrum and noise of the coffee machines along with the dull chat and all around sense of calm that these places optimize with their comfortable chairs and low tables, give you a space to think, you can switch off for a little while and just enjoy some solitude in a wider space, yes your in a bubble to some degree but there is always a sense of wider belonging with the other customers.

coffee culture
coffee culture

“Everyone Needs Coffee Shop” At the lower end, you can still find that same sense of home with the greasy spoon cafe there is always a friendly waitress or another customer who is there for the same reason as you, a break from the world and there is often a more earthy and openness to the dialogue that makes you a part of the narrative around you, which as a child was a major fixture of our holiday travels with the truckers and long distance drivers often taking time to chat to us and make us smile on a pit stop.  The overall sense of community took away the isolation of what would otherwise be a quick cuppa on the road.

Over the years I have found myself enjoying and shifting my focus to coffee culture for its sense of peace.  More so when I was living in India, where I would disconnect from the turbulence of my life by sitting alone at the roadside tables and enjoying a cappuccino at Cafe Coffee Day and in some cases sharing a cookie with a street dog much to peoples amusement.


coffee culture
Coffee Culture


With all the drama in the world, a coffee shop offers a small sense of calm in a turbulent sea.

Bringing this back to the UK with me I sought out the same atmosphere and on occasions, I have found myself sitting quietly in a cafe with a cup of coffee, phone on flight mode and enjoying the white noise of the cafe while I clear my head.

Coffee culture has become ingrained and with stores popping up all over the globe, it is no surprise that it has become integral to people’s lives and the idea that they are driven toward community and solidarity is a low key element of this style.  Allegiance to a brand or particular store is common and seeing the cups can generate a nod of acknowledgment from other aficionados, in a world where mobile phones are prevalent and people look for their tribe in the world, coffee culture can give you that.

“Everyone Needs Coffee Shop” more of a mental health issue, it also opens the door to introspection and a sense of self that can be lost, people feel isolated and this counter culture of coffee houses can be a safe haven in this fast-paced world.  A comfortable spot in a coffee shop with friendly staff and the soothing aroma of coffee mixed with the sound of idle chatter can be the perfect antidote to a troubled mind.


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