Reseed Men`s Hair Care Range

Reseed Mens Hair Care

Reseed Mens Hair Care is a professional range designed to meet the needs of men who have concerns over not just their appearance through grooming but with hair loss.  Designed to Restore the hair follicles’ normal functions to promote and support natural hair growth Strengthen weak and dormant follicles to re-grow healthy hair, reversing the effects of hair loss.

Effectively working as a treatment, the Reseed hair care range is a valuable and strong contender in the hair care market, from personal use, it is easy to see a difference within a few washes and the value therein.  The 3 part system of shampoo, conditioner, and serum is augmented with a unisex plan.

reseed mens shampoo
reseed men’s shampoo

The products have a minimal herbal scent that is not overpowering and leaves the hair feeling clean and given the process is designed to be a treatment it also allows you a little leeway over relaxing especially when using the conditioner which is left in for 5 to 10 minutes.

Clinically and dermatologically tested, the company has worked extremely hard to create a brand and a treatment system that is more than just a label.

High performance, natural actives that work in synergy to prolong the hair’s life cycle.
Essential botanic extracts, pro-vitamins, and minerals to stimulate and strengthen.
Unique patented proteins and nutrient-rich elements to repair, nourish and condition.
Clean, herbal fragrances, derived from natural extracts, to refresh and invigorate. 

As a male grooming product, it has taken on some of the bigger concerns of their demographic, with a carefully structured and solid scientific background the brand itself is pushing to make a difference on many levels.

reseed mens conditioner
reseed men’s conditioner

From a purely aesthetic stance, the packaging is no-nonsense and has a clean, clear and concise look with the clever twist of the caps: black for the shampoo and white for the conditioner making them easily identifiable when your washing your hair or packing to go the gym, etc.  Designed to be a treatment range, it still has enough edge to make it a classic product that will not only be decorative but be used, making it less luxury and more requirement for the savvy well-groomed man.

To learn more about the range see:

The Reseed Website 

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