Spring Scents for a Fresh Fragrance

Spring Scents

The beginning of spring means fresh flowers, citrus fruits, cut grass, and other gorgeous scents that blend together to create a seasonal aroma of lightness and prosperity. We rounded up the best fragrances of the season from organic candles to eco-friendly perfumes that capture the excitement of spring.

7 Virtues

The Orange Blossom perfume, $88

The hypoallergenic and cruelty-free brand uses organic sugar cane alcohol and essential oils in their iconic perfumes. Founder and former journalist Barb Stegemann works with farming communities in developing nations like Haiti, Rwanda, Madagascar, and India to source natural oils. The intoxicating new Orange Blossom fragrance uses ethically-sourced neroli essential oil from Afghanistan mixed with tangerine, mandarin, bergamot, and jasmine to create a comfortable, light citrus scent.

The Peace Blend Box, $30

Not ready to commit to just one scent? The Peace Blend Box is the perfect sampler for seven of the 7 Virtues signature perfumes. Our favorites include the warm Patchouli Citrus, the fresh Jasmine Neroli, and the sweet Vanilla Woods that has an unexpected depth. The petite test sizes also allow for layering fragrances to create a uniquely individualized 7 Virtues combination.

By Rosie Jane

The Angie eau du parfum, $65

Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand By Rosie Jane has perfected the nostalgic sweetness of honeysuckles in their latest fragrance, Angie. Available in an eau du parfum and rollerball, Angie is a feminine floral scent with an undertone of jasmine and fig. The airy scent is inspired by L.A. summer evenings, and Angie is nothing less than a vacation in a bottle– plus the recyclable packaging makes their delicious scents a guilt-free indulgence.

Pour le Monde

The Empower perfume, $82

Founder Wendi Berger brought her experience from Revlon, InStyle, and Elle to build Pour le Monde after being inspired to create natural fine fragrances while pregnant. The phthalate-free perfumes use oils derived from water distillation in a fully sustainable process. The citrus fusion of Empower makes for a classic sophisticated spring scent, ideal for a night out with its mix of lime, bergamot, spearmint, and orange. Ten per cent of net sales to Empower benefit Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a guide dog program for visually-impaired and autistic children.

The Together perfume, $82

For a lighter fragrance, the feminine floral Together is a must-try with a combo of freesia, violet, wood, vanilla, and lilac scents. Ten percent of these net sales are donated to the Cancer Support Community, reminding those battling the disease that we are together with them in the fight for a cure.


The Green Market candle, $39.50

Master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel’s zero-waste coconut wax candles are richly divine. Poured in Brooklyn, Keap candles have a luxe quality both in design and scent. Each candle comes with a coaster cover top to maximize reusability. The Green Market candle, inspired by springtime open-air farmers markets, uses basil, mint, cucumber, and floral fragrances for a full experience. Together, the scent feels like laying on freshly cut grass under a fruit tree– a hint of apple blended with greenery. The full-bodied melody of aromas changes ever so slightly even just when shifting the candle. This delicate layering adds a realness element to the fragrance, calling back to memories of Sunday strolls.

The Waves candle, $39.50

For an ocean-inspired scent, the Waves candle combines seaweed, star anise, galbanum, and sea salt with a subtle lemony smell reminiscent of a sun-filled beach excursion.

A Beautiful Life

The Petal FX collection, $46 each

New Jersey husband and wife team Tony and Jennifer Artur bring rock and roll to cosmetics with their new Petal FX fragrance collection, featuring three perfumes that utilize plant-derived cannabis terpenes. The scents contain no CBD or THC, and feature a vintage guitar pedal label design on the bottle.  “We were inspired to create Petal FX by our love of music and our love of cannabis culture,” co-founder Tony Artur explained.

The Loop perfume, $46

The Fuzz scent has orchid and patchouli for a relaxing fragrance, while the Echo perfume has a crisp scent with tuberose, vetiver, and black lime cannabis terpenes. Our favorite, Loop, mixes sweet with musk through jasmine, orange blossom, and citrus cannabis terpenes for an awesome twist on the traditional floral fragrance. A Beautiful Life also donates 4.20% of Petal FX sales to The Marijuana Policy Project to reform cannabis laws nationwide.


The Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, $44

We’re obsessed with the Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish by Herbivore. The lushly thick body polish gently exfoliates using real crushed amethyst and magnesium-rich salt. Massage into the skin during a calming bath or soothing shower for maximum spa-level relaxation. The body polish leaves an addictive scent of virgin coconut oil and night-blooming jasmine sambac, and the therapeutic-grade essential oils leave the skin hydrated and smooth. The rich purple tone is all natural– Herbivore uses no dyes, synthetic preservatives, or added fragrances, making the Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish a naturally perfect bathroom must-have.

Providence Perfume

The Love-In-A-Mist perfume, $175

Named the Natural Perfumer of the Year in 2012, Providence Perfume founder Charna Ethier crafts all-natural scents by hand in small batches using real plants, flowers, and fruits. Her latest creation, Love-In-A-Mist, uses the rare flower of the same name to conjure a sexy, vintage scent with notes of sweet clover, lilac, and sandalwood. Spray on for a sensual spring late afternoon date.

The Lemon Liada cologne, $45
The Hindu Honeysuckle perfume, $175

We also adore the limited edition Lemon Liada cologne spray in the beautiful moss-lined sample kit. Lemon Liada offers a sweet lemon scent, like limoncello in a bottle. The fragrance that garnered Ethier the 2012 prize, Hindu Honeysuckle, is a grown-up version of the sweet flower, mixing Indian jasmine sambac with rose, coriander, and musk ambrette to mature the honeysuckle floral for a heavenly fragrance.

Brooklyn Candle Studio

The Maui candle, $38

Let the Brooklyn Candle Studio sweep you away with the Maui candle, part of their Escapist collection. The double-wicked soy wax candle can burn for up to 70 hours and contains no dyes or preservatives. Hawaiian bliss is perfected in this exotic blend of sea salt, driftwood, bergamot, and ylang ylang for a fragrance that takes you on an island escape from the comfort of your home. Check out how Brooklyn Candle Studio crafts their fragrances in our exclusive interview with founder Tamara Mayne.


The Pure Vanilla perfume, $48

Lavanila specializes in non-toxic antioxidant-rich products ideal for sensitive skin. Their Pure Vanilla fragrance is a modern twist on the classic favorite, blending Madagascar vanilla bean with freesia and tonka bean for a swoonworthy signature scent. The phthalate and paraben-free perfume is long-lasting so you can smell delicious all day.

The Vanilla Coconut perfume, $48

The Vanilla Coconut fragrance mixes creamy coconut with Tahitian tiare flower and Madagascar vanilla for a mini tropical paradise. Think coconut vanilla frozen yogurt served on a beach.

The Vanilla Grapefruit perfume, $48

For a tangy sweet scent, Vanilla Grapefruit uses vanilla as a base fragrance to blend pink grapefruit, lime, and cedarwood, creating a spring perfume with a punch. Even better: for every order placed online, Lavanila plants a tree through The Nature’s Conservancy Plant a Billion Trees Initiative.

Honeybee Gardens

The Peridot Body Oil, $13.99

Cosmetics and body care line Honeybee Gardens is PETA-certified and cruelty-free. Their crystal-infused body oil series uses aromatherapy and organic essential oils to moisturize and heal the body. The quick-absorbing oil is perfect to add into a bath or for massage treatments. Each oil is infused with genuine crystals, including from amethyst, garnet, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Our pick for spring is the peridot oil that blends patchouli, bergamot, ylang ylang, orange, and peppermint for a refreshing calm scent. The gorgeous light green gemstone is known to protect the body and mind from toxic emotions while increasing self-esteem and aiding friendships– because who doesn’t need some reassurance before bikini season and summer flings? Each stone has been cleansed with white sage, bringing good energy into every bottle. The stunning scent also utilizes vitamin-rich organic hemp seed, sweet almond, and sunflower oils to protect skin cells. Try every gemstone to find your perfect fit!


The KAI signature perfume, $78

We’ve found the 8th natural wonder of the world: the KAI signature scent. The gorgeous, fresh fragrance is flirtatious without being overpowering, subtle while still strong. It’s a bouquet of perfection, centered in a gardenia floral. Ideal for an everyday fragrance, we can’t stop wearing the eau de parfum. It’s not a surprise that it’s a celebrity favorite!

The KAI Rose eau du parfum, $78

The signature scent is elevated once more (how it’s possible, we can’t explain) with the new KAI Rose eau de parfum. Using the iconic KAI signature gardenia as a base, the latest fragrance is layered with rose absolute, bergamot, cedarwood, and clove for a tangy, sexy scent. The vegan brand is made in the U.S. and uses recyclable packaging, in case you weren’t already sold.


With an array of stunning fragrances for spring, we hope you find your new favorite scent!


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