Golden advice for frequent flyers

Are you frequent flyers?

If you are a frequent flyers for any reason at all – pleasure, business or other, you have probably been thinking of how you could improve your flight experience and make it more effective. Luckily, here you have a couple of pieces of golden advice that many frequent flyers have already proved to really work. Start using them and you’ll get more than you have expected.




1. Pile up loyalty air miles

If you are a frequent flyers, a smart move is to join the loyalty program of your airline so that you are able to fly free from time to time. Another advantage is that you can also use those piled up miles to get upgrades on flights. It’s smart to be nice to the airline personnel at the gate – it could place you on the top of the upgrade list. And the benefits from being loyal and getting upgrades are various – from the best seats to better food and drinks on the flight, not to mention the fact you could be the first one to get upgraded to first class.



2. Have a backup of your documents

Your essential documents like your passport, travel insurance policy and itinerary confirmations should be backed up in case of they get lost. You need to have them in an electronic form, too, like a flash drive that you carry with you. If you are traveling overseas, also include a PDF copy of your passport’s face page. Other backup options are using Dropbox or other cloud services.




3. Consider flight times, not just the prices

Of course, you should avoid indirect flights because they usually include long layovers but there are other ways to choose a flight that will suit you. An early flight is a good option because you’ll avoid traffic and long queues, so try to forget about the fact that you’ll have to get up really early. If you can choose the return date, try to avoid Friday evenings – it’s the time when the airports are completely crowded. Also, if you are considering an overnight flight, think again – you will probably arrive in your destination too early and not be able to check into your accommodation. Finally, if your airline doesn’t give you many options, you can always mix two airlines, using another one for your returning trip that suits you better.


4. Chartering a flight

Whenever possible, you should charter a flight. In most cases, they provide you with a direct route to your destination without any connections. What’s even better, you can choose between charters that offer a different number of passengers, which could mean you can get your sleep without being interrupted. Furthermore, booking a charter flight is really simple, as you can download the charter company’s app. The app enables you to browse between various charter types, including flight charter for your valuable parcels or executive passenger charter for business purposes. It also allows you to calculate the flight cost depending on your preferences.




5. Have food and water with you on the flight

You already know you can’t bring water from your home because you’ll have to give it up at the security check. Still, don’t rely just on the water you’ll be given on the flight – it won’t probably be more than 10 ounces of water, which may not suffice. So, a safer option is to buy a bottle of water the moment you pass the security check. It’s a similar case with food – many airlines understock with food to avoid unnecessary trash, so bring sandwiches with you on the plane.


6. If possible, avoid checking in the luggage

Maybe you have thought of this before but you haven’t actually tried it. The truth is – in most cases, it’s possible to pack all your necessities in hand luggage. You don’t need to have five possible outfits for a day or two. When we add to it the fact that basic economy long-haul flights are gaining in popularity, it is obvious that you could save a lot of money by sticking to your hand luggage only. So, next time you come back from a trip, make a list of things that you actually used on your trip and take just that next time.

7. Have a portable battery

You will probably need your phone and tablet immediately after or during the flight, so take a large portable battery with you, the one with 10,000-12,000mAh. That will enable you to charge your phone three or four times. Don’t expect most of airports and planes to have USB slots and available outlets.



Final comment

Frequent flying can bring you a lot of benefits if you play your cards right. A couple of smart moves that have proved to be useful by other frequent flyers will make your flights a great experience.



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