Altr For Men The Changing Face of Men and Makeup

Altr For Men

Altr For Men and makeup have become an everyday norm and the changing face of the cosmetics industry has embraced this at all levels.  Altr for men is taking its own stance on this with a range of easy to use cosmetics that are designed to suit the needs of men with an easy to use and very cleverly structured campaign that meets its audience head-on.

With a current range of 5 products, face wash, moisturizer, face fix single, face fix (half and half) and the blemish balm.

Altr for men
Altr for men

Starting with the face wash and moisturizer, both of which have the added bonus of a whiskey infusion, they are designed to meet the needs of male skin and keep it in top condition without irritation.

It is the makeup itself that is really interesting, both the concealer (in half and half with the duo shades and the face fix single) are designed to be quick and easy to use.

Altr for men
Altr for men

An oil based concealer using a series of natural waxes which provides a smooth texture and undetectable finish. Taking over a year to develop; our concealer is designed specifically for the most common male skin type, which due to more active sebaceous glands, is tougher and oilier than female skin.

Face Fix consequently contains natural waxes and Supreme China Clay that not only creates a flawless smooth base but also draws out dirt, grease and excess oil from the skin!

A multi-functional corrective cream to provide lasting nourishment for the skin, conceal redness and imperfections, and even out skin tone. Sunscreen properties help protect the skin throughout the day, while Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera 200x help rapidly repair and hydrate dry and damaged skin. Wheatgerm Oil meanwhile helps combat free radicals, keeping the skin looking fresh long term. This medium coverage formula helps instantly even out and illuminate your complexion, as well as conceal redness, imperfections and dark circles.

Altr for men
Altr for men

What catches attention is the packaging, in shades of blue it stands out as a product and is still discreetly sized enough that the concealer can be slipped into a pocket or bag.

Altr has been clever about who they target and how they do it, making use of social media and showcasing not just the before and after images (which really do add to their credentials as a brand for men’s skincare) but demonstrate ably the ease of use the product offers.  Keeping it simple has been at the forefront of their thinking.  With an ever-increasing market for men’s grooming, they are now expanding, again making savvy use of the social media campaign side and opening the door to potential investors with a crowdcube campaign and a savvy strategy that has garnered a myriad of press coverage and a massive social media following.

Altr is a brand that knows its audience and presents itself with the same simplicity as its products with the underlying brains to the products it becomes an all-around smart move to buy into as a consumer as well as an investor.

Altr for men
Altr for men

To learn more about the range see:

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For investment information and company information see Alt for men Crowdcube


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