Wood and Bamboo The Eco-friendly Solution to Glasses

Wood and Bamboo

The eco-friendly options on sunglasses and glasses have never looked better thanks to the team at Fresh for Pandas, their beautiful frames are both whimsical and practical in the same breath.  The Wood and Bamboo frames with the option of prescription as well as standard lenses are a huge help toward the plastic-free lifestyle that many people want to achieve.

Designed to work with you the sunglasses, in particular, have a touch of the vintage about them which hint at hipster but still manage to be practical and wearable for all.

fresh for panda sunglasses green lenses
fresh for panda sunglasses green lenses

The cartoon logo of the panda adds a touch of fun to what is a very savvy eco-driven company who are big advocates of the plastic-free movement and work hard to be carbon free from their London base.

The frames themselves are beautifully handcrafted, and are on close inspection, tactile and solid enough that you will be happy to wear them out and about, with the practical edge of UV filtration, the sunglasses have a look and feel of a classic and will sit beautifully on the wearer.

Wood and Bamboo  With a wide enough mix of styles and shapes that you will be able to find something to suit your needs and style.  From the dark, natural woods and bamboo to layered lighter earth tones, they are stylish without being ostentatious, classic without being dated and above all else beautifully crafted.

multi tone fresh for panda sunglasses
Round Lens Sunglasses fresh for panda sunglasses

Aesthetically, the frames are beautiful and have all the hallmarks of quality I would expect from this company, the overall look, and feel of the frames is solid with just an edge of softness to them that shapes itself well to the face when worn making them comfortable and secure.

From a pure fashionista stance, they have all the hallmarks of well crafted and on-trend accessories that will age beautifully and be a staple of your travels.


multi tone fresh for panda sunglasses
multitone fresh for panda sunglasses

To learn more about the company or to purchase see:

Fresh for pandas website 

Fresh for pandas Instagram 

Fresh for pandas Twitter 


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