Taking up a new hobby: gardening for beginners

Taking up a new hobby

Are you considering taking up a new hobby? Well, gardening may be your perfect fit. After a long stressful day spent inside, there is nothing better than immersing yourself in your garden. As you plant and replant, water and fertilize, you will feel the stress melting away.

Being curious and dedicated is all you need to develop your very own green thumb. To help you get started, we have compiled the most essential tips a gardening novice ought to know.



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Start small, then expand

It is great if you are enthusiastic about your new-found hobby, but before you start digging up your whole yard, consider a different approach. Sectioning out a smaller parcel for your first attempt at gardening will save you the stress and allow you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Allow room to expand, but don’t start too many projects at the same time, so as not to get overwhelmed and lose your will to a garden.

Consider a container

Another possibility includes the use of containers. You can use them instead of planting in the soil or for seedling which may not still be prepared to join the rest of your garden. A container will allow you to move the plants around as well as to protect them from the elements more easily.

Taking up a new hobby Depending on the species you want, you can choose different solutions. You can opt for plants that won’t grow out of the containers at all, like spices, or you can prepare for replanting them when they become too big.


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Design before digging

No matter whether you plan to set up a container or to choose a corner in your garden, think design first. Brainstorm some ideas you already have but try to combine them with some proper research.

If you want a garden which is as self-sustainable as possible, you need to choose the right plants. After founding out about your soil type and light distribution, you can look up the best local plants for your garden.

Local plants will be less susceptible to illnesses and more prepared for weather conditions. You must agree that a beginner gardener can use some help.


Water and Food for your plants

Taking up a new hobby Once you have your first plants planted you need to schedule their watering and compost distribution. Watering your plants is extremely important, but not all plants need it in the same amount. So, your research will come in handy here.

Generally, your plants will crave water, but make sure you only water their roots. To ensure that most water goes to roots and not on the leaves, remember to apply it directly into the soil and to water in the morning or late in the afternoon. However, the exact amount and frequency depend on the particular species.

Apart from water, the plants should be able to get other nutrients from the ground. However, to give them a helping hand, you can always put in some compost. Buy some or prepare it on your own from the things you were planning to throw out anyway.


Source: Pexels.com


Trim and weed out for better growth

As your plants grow, they will need a bit of assistance on your part. Grab your garden shears to prune and trim them to perfection. It isn’t just an aesthetic idea of controlling how the plant will look, but you will also be able to prevent the plant from causing harm to your household or property. Moreover, you will also allow more nutrients to go to the remaining part of the plant.

In the like manner, you will have to supervise the animals and plants co-habiting in your garden. Though most insects and birds are harmless, even useful sometimes, finding potential problems before they take over might save your plants. Don’t be afraid to pull out those weeds and to look under leaves for possible signs of disease.

Watch the seasons

Taking up a new hobby While your daily and weekly routine will start to form, soon enough there will come a change of seasons. Each season will require different sets of preparation. Thus while some plants will be dormant during winter, others will need to be protected from the cold.

Also, you should follow weather forecast more closely from now on so you can prepare in case a sudden heavy rain or hail is scheduled. Have a plastic sheet ready to go in your yard so you can have a quick solution at hand.


Photo by Christian Joudrey


By spending time working in your garden and enjoying the fruits of your labor, you will turn from novice to expert in no time at all. You are only a few tips away from all the joys your garden and gardening can offer. Reconnecting with nature will bring you some well-deserved piece of mind. Even watching them grow through your window can heal your soul and bring serenity to almost any hectic day.





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