The Rainbow Love Collection By Tim Yates

The Rainbow Love Collection By Tim Yates

The Rainbow Love Collection artist Tim Yates has been long known for his work within the fitness community, capturing people at their peak and showcasing their hard work to build their physique to a high standard.  In an extension of this and as an experiment he created “The Rainbow Love Collection” of images which are trending and selling across different arenas for their quirky, vibrant style.

in ya face by Tim Yates
in ya face by Tim Yates

After experimenting with Ink pens, with a water wash and adding Liquitex heavy body paint, I came with this effective look. Tim Yates.

Looking at the images they have a central theme: the primary subject is in black and white with details added in the rainbow spectrum giving them a touch of whimsicality and making them stand out, a visual treat to the eye that makes you smile.

With the image of “In Ya Face,” we see the splatter effect of the colored inks and the playful wink of the man featured in the portrait.  He is playing with the contrast of the color splashes over the ink on paper in black and white.

Rainbow Love Collection

Finding the right models has been a major part of the series and has led to Tim working closely with professional models and photographers to source the right people to create the dynamic of the image he wants to showcase.  Despite or perhaps because of the simplicity of the theme it’s easy to overlook the intricacy and accuracy of Tims portrait work which in and of itself is stunningly detailed.

Rainbow Love Collection Each piece from the collection is designed to be fun and give a little bit of a lift to the viewer who is left smiling at the whimsical nature and tongue in cheek references.  With the creative play of the work, he has allowed himself to try new things and give not only a fun little piece of art that could easily grace a wall but opened up a conversation with his art and the story behind the image.

Shower by Tim Yates
Shower by Tim Yates

With a regular clientele of fitness models and enthusiasts clamoring for the Tim Yates treatment, this fun new collection adds a different dimension to his art and allows you to just enjoy it in an uncomplicated way, you appreciate the color, the concept and above all the artist whos uncomplicated pieces add a touch of fun and whimsy to your decor.

To learn more about the artist see:

Tim Yates Website.  

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