The Rise of Indie Cinema 2019

The Rise of Indie Cinema

As we see the rise of indie cinema countries like India, the UK, and the USA are leading the charge, there is an exponential  rise in independent filmmakers who are bringing web TV and film concepts to the table with micro-budgets creating a wide array of serials and dramas, the increased use of the mobile phone and faster connections has opened the door to this cinematic revolution allowing more people to have their voice heard and their vision of the world seen.  Of course, this has been massively helped by the decreasing cost of the cinematic quality camera’s in small packages (Sony a6400, Blackmagic pocket cinema and so many more), the cost factor of being a filmmaker is now much more consumer friendly as well.

The rise of the Indie film
The rise of the Indie film

There has been an exponential rise in indie cinema at the grassroots level across the world and it is making people sit up and take notice.

The concept of world cinema has become so big and with the scope for a small film made in a backwater that once upon a time would be a local VHS share now reaching a global audience of millions, through sites like Youtube, Streamlette and The B Movie Club, giving a platform to concepts and films of every length  that might have otherwise not been seen outside of the film festival circuit.

Something that doesn’t get talked about and is important (which here at Trend Prive we support) is the eco-friendly aspect of this move.  Once the film or TV project is made, you are Uploading it to an online platform such as streamlette or youtube (movie trailers are a common thing to see on social media now), the use of services such as Instagram and Twitter or even Facebook have reduced the carbon footprint of these projects because you no longer need print media like newspapers, an expensive option, to promote your film.  The reach of a single post with good SEO is massive with people having the option of picking up the video itself on their mobile phone.  So the waste factor is reduced.

OK, there are social aspects to going to the cinema, but with the ever-increasing politicizing of film it has become tedious, and with thanks to the rise of indie cinema you can now enjoy a TV show on your journey to work on a train, picking something quick at a few minutes or a full TV series which can be loaded onto your tablet, Kindle or Ipad and watched at your leisure and by doing this you are supporting a small company which is fantastic for the economy so its an overall winner.

The rise of the Indie film
The rise of the Indie film

In addition, we see the rise of the indie film reviewers, who are passionate about the projects they are promoting and of course teams like The B Movie Club are at the front of this charge, as passionate about the industry and grassroots cinema as the people making the films.

The rise of indie cinema  Supporting indie film has never been easier and in the current market, it’s so important as well to show some love for smaller companies.

To learn more about the indie film scene or find something new to watch and enjoy check out: for an array of indie film reviews and options. for more independent cinema and TV projects.



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