Bronzie UK is Bringing Freckles Back

Bronzie UK is Bringing Freckles Back

Bronzie UK has become synonymous with tanning innovations and is a must-have both in the consumer sector and professional arenas giving a boost to the tanning technique with their relaunch of the Freckle Envelope, a fun way to add a touch of extra detail to your look.

Freckles have always been seen as youthful and cute, with the Bronzie team adding this new Freckle stencil, you too can have the little touch of freckles for as long as your tan lasts which is a clever and fun way of changing up your look.

Bronzie UK Freckle Stencil
Bronzie UK Freckle Stencil

To get this fantastic look, just remove your stencil from its packaging, and position over your face and nose. Then, dab your favorite fake tan over the top using Bronzie’s Ultimate Mini Tanning Mitts.

Bronzie UK This foolproof method will last as long as your tan – but if you wish to remove it sooner, use the Bronzie Mini Exfoliating Mitt to cleanse the skin. Get your very own Tan Your Own Freckles Stencil for £4.95 and the Ultimate Mini Mitts for £9.95. Stockists include, ASOS and Beauty Bay.

Something that should be considered is the potential of this stencil for makeup as well as tanning, with the resurgence of the freckle as a fashion statement, giving a hint of youthfulness and of course the transition to the catwalks, it is entirely possible (thanks to Bronzie) to play with the freckle concept using colour.  Why not indigo or turquoise freckles?  A temporary trick that can be quickly created to show a different side of the stencil and change up your look in a contemporary high fashion way.

Bronzie UK The team has created something that is ideal of the tanning technicians and home tan fans to add details to their look quickly and simply, add in the contour stencils this is fantastic and ultimately user-friendly addition to your beauty arsenal to give you the flexibility to create a new look, sculpt your face and add a youthful edge of freckles to your tanning or beauty routine.

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