5 Amazing Destinations for Adventurous Couples

Traveling, getting to know different cultures, and experiencing new and exciting things makes your life richer and better. Having someone to travel and share those experiences with makes them even more valuable. Usually, people think about traveling as a chance to relax, but if you are a couple that prefers adventures, you will have to work extra hard to find that destination for your next thrilling traveling experience. To make planning your holiday a little easier this year, here are five amazing destinations that will not let you down.

Queensland, Australia

Queensland is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to have an adventure while enjoying breathtaking nature. From Springbrook National Park, which is one of the most famous landmarks, to the amazing Lake Mackenzie, there are many amazing natural wonders to be seen. Queensland is just great for any couple who wants to enjoy many different activities and explore the nature around it. You can go surfing, skydiving, hiking, whale-watching or even dirt biking. Just don’t forget to stock up on all the necessary dirt bike accessories if you’re planning to indulge in this amazing activity. After a fun and adventurous day, Queensland also offers the best bars for fun and adventurous nights as well. Check out places that attract crowds and have the best seafood, wine, and cocktails, and visit them to get to know the real Queensland.

Rondane National Park, Norway

Norway’s first national park is a mountain area between the Gudbrandsdalen and Atndalen valleys. It covers woodland, hillsides, and mountain peaks. It has nine mountain peaks that are over two thousand meters above sea level. It is also a home to one of the last wild reindeer populations. Rondane National Park is completely closed for motor traffic and it is a great place to get lost in the wilderness. The park offers numerous hiking trails. Some of them go through easier terrain and are suitable for day trips, while other trails are more challenging and better suited for those looking for an adventure. If you visit the Rondane National Park during winter, you can enjoy skiing down its beautiful ski trails.

The Marieta Islands, Mexico

The Marieta Islands are a group of islands that are uninhabited and any type of fishing, hunting, and human activity are prohibited by the Mexican government. The formation of these islands was a result of volcanic activity and years ago, they served as a site for conducting military testing. That testing has created one of the most popular attractions on the islands, Playa De Amor. You can explore the untouched nature and beauty of these islands only with a permit from the government. Here you can go snorkeling, scuba-diving, or whale-watching, but the greatest adventure you can experience on this secluded island is to go skinny dipping on the Playa De Amor.

Postojna Cave, Slovenia

This is the second-longest cave system in Slovenia but it is the first when it comes to beauty. The cave system is 24,340 meters long and it was created by the underground river Pivka. It is a home to the endemic olm and the tour includes visiting an aquarium with some olms where you can get to know them better. The cave itself is very spacious and you will be surprised by how spacious it is exactly when you see its train track, long walking trails, and the Concert Hall. But, the biggest surprise is that it even has a post office, the world’s only underground post office. So, take a jacket because it is cold down there, and send your friends some postcards from the place they would last expect.

Merzouga, Morocco

Merzouga is a small village in Morocco that is located near the Sahara desert. Due to its position, it is the starting point for many trips to the desert and it should be the starting point of your trip as well. Sahara desert has breathtaking sand dunes and visiting it can be a real adventure. You can go on a camel ride through the desert and you must spend the night there. Camping sites in the desert are well equipped, so you can enjoy a tajine feast and authentic Berber music while watching a stunning desert sunset.

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