The B Club Meets Streamlette an Indie Film Revolution

The B Club Meets Streamlette an Indie Film Revolution

The B Club Meets Streamlette an Indie Film Revolution Two of the leading lights in the indie film community are combining they’re efforts in a cross-promotion deal is set to revolutionize the market and change the landscape for filmmakers in the micro and low budget realms.

Starting with the B Movie Club, set up to support and give the fans of low budget films a place to review, talk and network, in their 18-month history they have becoming a thriving and respected source of information and support that has become the go-to for film aficionados looking to quench their thirst for something new and different with a twist of supporting films with tongue in cheek stories and a cult following (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Sharks in a Tornado anyone).

B movie Club UK
B movie Club UK

Their network of filmmakers and viewer/supporters is loyal and growing all the time with people bringing a sense of community that is catching eyes.

Streamlette was started to give people a platform to sell films and TV projects of different lengths and with the recent cull of the indie film circuit through the mainstream avenues, the team at Streamlette have become a haven for the indies with the platform already garnering critical acclaim and column inches, including Trend Prive.

Combining their networks and cross-promotion opens up avenues that will not only double the reach but give the members of both sites a whole host of new films of varying lengths and genres to watch.

Setting a new bar for indie film is no easy task but with these two heavyweights putting their collective efforts into the drive it’s easy to see why this is set to be a massive boost to the film sector and give two platforms and a whole host of new eyes watching independent cinema and giving what can only be described one of the biggest coups to the indie film circuit since the days of the VHS tape, when indie flicks were passed around and they became underground cult hits and a sort of insider secret for a true aficionado of film, the Streamlette subscription service, and The B Club are taking this cult video market and giving it a twenty-first-century twist and using the best tools and resources available to them and creating a film revolution that will work from the grassroots filmmakers up.

streamlette HQ

To learn more about see the B Club website and visit Streamlette HQ.


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