Life on the Road: World Travel Tips for Digital Nomads

World Travel Tips for Digital Nomads Written by Katie Tejada (McDaniel)


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World Travel Tips

World Travel Tips  Once upon a time, the only professionals who had the luxury of seeing the world while working were business travelers, travel writers, and consultants. Employers would foot the bill while employees racked up the travel miles.

As millennials enter the workforce, many are choosing a nomadic lifestyle with the option of working from literally anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection. They’re finding the appeal of working as independent contractors or entrepreneurs while traveling the globe hard to resist.

Freelancers make up a large portion of digital nomads in a multitude of professions, from graphic designers to online tutors. Millennials around the globe are embracing this digital age and taking advantage of all the Worldwide Web has to offer.

When you live your life on the road, there are a few things you should consider (and pack!) to ensure you are able to maximize your productivity while also being eco-friendly. Here are a few tips for those who seek to earn a paycheck while trekking around the globe.


Travel Light



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You don’t need (or want) unnecessary stuff weighing you down when you’re living your best life all over the world. Plan ahead for differences in climate and environment, but don’t pack your entire closet: keep it simple. This simple tip goes a long way in helping to reduce your carbon footprint as well. With air travel being one of the largest sources of carbon emissions, reducing your luggage weight is a small but significant way you can be a more eco-conscious traveler.


Since you will need to fit work in between your adventures, you’ll definitely need a laptop or fully-functioning tablet. Some current models offer all the bells and whistles in a package no heavier than a spiral-bound notebook, though you may want to make a rugged model a priority.


Plan Ahead


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Whether you are lounging on an exotic beach, seeing the sites in your RV, or enjoying a local delicacy in a Paris coffee shop, have a solid plan for completing your work and meeting deadlines.


Never be without a power supply no matter where you’re traveling. Choose a compact power adapter that can be used universally with multiple ports. Being prepared allows you to be more efficient and productive no matter where you are.


By planning ahead, you can also greatly reduce your plastic waste while on the road. Get yourself a reusable water tumbler to avoid having to continuously purchase plastic water bottles. These days, many airports, hotels, hostels and cities offer drinking fountains that you can use to stay hydrated while you’re traveling. A foldable reusable shopping bag is also a great item to carry with you.


Stay on Schedule


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Effective World Travel Tips are following:


As you travel the world over, it may be tempting to act like you are on a never-ending vacation. It is important to remember that you are still working. Keep on top of your work deadlines and commitments. You need that paycheck to fund your globetrotting.


Maximize your efficiency by checking ahead to see where you can get a good internet connection. Dedicate a set amount of time to work uninterrupted. Because of the possibility of your device getting damaged, lost, or stolen while you travel, you must have a solid routine in place of backing up your work, ideally to a cloud network (if available).


Digital nomads can work from home, a hotel room, or a national park in New Zealand. The beauty is you choose your destination. Even some of the most remote parts of the world have Wi-Fi or satellite internet connections available.. a speed of 20 mb/s should do the trick. Having the freedom to choose your own work location (or change locations daily) is catching on quickly. If you need some help and inspiration when it comes to choosing your next location, check out this list of top 100 sustainable destinations put together by Green Destinations, a non-profit foundation for sustainable tourism.


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When you are planning your next “work trip” remember to pack light, plan ahead, and stay on track with your work commitments. But don’t forget to have fun and live in the moment. Happy travels!



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