SUSTAINABILITY: WRAD and GIVE A FOKus – the hub dedicated to sustainable innovation and social change at WHITE Milano


The 25.256 turnout of buyers and insiders once again goes show WHITE’s role as a landmark platform. Thanks to a well-balanced brand mix, the new areas and a focus on sustainability, the Show has bolstered the retail and the dialogue with the prosumers. Buyers at + 2,3%, with those from abroad reaching +6,8% , and the Italian ones +1,4%.

«The dynamism of this show is the upshot of a successful combination of scouting activity, new exhibiting hubs and also of a project marked by a highly cultural profile, such as come GIVE A FOk- us – so Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of WHITE – This effort has been noticed and valued, the feedback by the buyers was very positive, they have indeed defined it a well-targeted tradeshow, which can be easily interpreted. Also the presence of political leaders at the inauguration sanctions WHITE’s role as a strategic platform during Milan’s fashion week. Edition after edition, we represent approximately 550 businesses, which believe in the power of our projects».

One of the most innovative assets of WHITE has been GIVE A FOK-us, sustainable hub developed in partnership with Confartigianato Imprese: an experience in the universe of sustainability within the framework of the wider project of enhancement of WHITE,supported by MISE and ICE Agenzia, as well as Camera Italiana Buyer Moda – The Best Shops, under the artistic direction of Matteo Ward, co-founder of the green label WRÅD.

”A journey to REFOCUS on the value that can be generated for our planet, society and humans by a more focused fashion industry.” – Matteo Ward, Co-Founder WRAD. 

Photo Credits: Stella Stone

NEW PROJECTS AT WHITE SHOW: Two new theme areas, Knit Lab and Lounge | Sphere, have opened a wide perspective on leading-edge knitwear and homewear, expression of loungewear and lingerie, combined with the beauty proposal.

And then again, an increasingly important project: Showroom Connection,conceived to connect and promote the businesses present at the show with their showrooms. Also at this edition, the format has relied on the collaboration of Vogue Italia through the project #Shareable, under the creative direction of the Special Content Creation Unit of Condé Nast. The brands involved in the initiative have been: Parcoats Florence, Circus Hotel,Racine Carrée, Ainea, Liviana Conti, Strateas Carlucci, TPN e TPN x Lotto, Duvet Firenze, Free People, C.T. Plage.

WHITE corroborates its asset as a global show-window, fine-tuned with the aesthetic vanguards, with Special Guest Strateas Carlucci, Australian brand featuring a marked style identity, blending sportswear and tailoring.

Important comebacks, such as Clergerie Paris and Circus Hotel have also confirmed Milan and the tradeshow’s role as an international fashion system event that just cannot be missed.

SUSTAINABILITY Cesare Tadolini – owner of the store L’Incontro in Modena – has awarded the brand Sveta with the Inside White Award, owing to their ability to reinvent the female wardrobe with eclectic and highly representative items.

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