Making Sense of Scents: Eco Friendly Brooklyn Candle Studio Launches Eponymous Scent

Eco Friendly Brooklyn

Eco Friendly Brooklyn

Eco Friendly Brooklyn Brooklyn Candle Studio, based in Industry City, Brooklyn, is the go-to natural candle company for stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. This month, the brand unveils their latest candles– Santa Fe and Brooklyn– for their dreamy destination-inspired Escapist collection.
Founder Tamara Mayne’s passion for candle making began after experimenting with a craft store kit. A professional graphic designer and art director for brands like Nine West, Jones New York, and Stuart Weitzman through the Jones Group, Mayne paired her e-commerce design knowledge with her interest in aromatherapy to create Brooklyn Candle Studio in 2013. “It all started with perfecting the art of candle making,” Mayne recalled. “I spent hours researching the benefits of different essential oils. For years, I was mixing fragrances to create unique scents– I particularly loved mixing different woodsy scents or florals and citruses.”
After being able to afford to purchase the 25 lb minimums for unique proprietary fragrances, Mayne acquired a team to assist her. “I was able to experiment much more with combining scent notes with the help of trained perfumers,” Mayne continued. “That is one of my favourite parts of the process, and introducing these beautiful aromas to the world!”
Founder Tamara Mayne is inspired by nature and travel.
Brooklyn Candle Studio began selling on Etsy and was featured on Gilt and One King’s Lane Brooklyn makers spotlight. The company gained traction during the summer of 2014, landing large wholesale accounts to be sold in stores throughout the nation. Today, major retailers like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Lou & Grey sell Brooklyn Candle Studio candles in their locations.

Eco Friendly Brooklyn Candle Studio

Throughout her success, Mayne remains grounded in her mission to remain an environmentally-conscious company. All candles use soy wax derived from American-grown soybeans and paired with lead-free cotton core wicks primed with vegetable-based wax. Each candle is preservative and petroleum-free and 100% vegan, with scents formed by essential and phthalate-free perfume oils. The choice to be eco-friendly was an easy one for Mayne. “I’ve read a lot about global warming and the effects industry has on the Earth, humanity, animals, and plant life, and the results could be devastating if we don’t do something fast,” Mayne mused. “As a company doing mass production, I didn’t and don’t want to contribute to global warming with more carbon emissions, taking up natural resources, or using materials that can’t be recycled and pollute our oceans and build up in landfills.”
Each candle is hand-poured by artisanal makers.
Brooklyn Candle Studio candles are shipped using recyclable packaging and limited plastic. Mayne hopes more consumer goods businesses follow the lead of companies like Everlane that seek to remove plastic entirely. “With economic growth comes consequences, but as business owners and leaders, we can consciously reduce those consequences with little changes like enforcing recycling or opting not to use plastic,” Mayne continued. “Corporations can afford to lose a little bit of profit to make this planet a better place. I feel very strongly about that.”
The Escapist collection by Brooklyn Candle Studios takes inspiration from Mayne and her husband’s travels. Currently, the collection offers candles inspired by Italy, Tuileries, Santorini, Kyoto, Ojai, and Maui, with Santa Fe and Brooklyn debuting this month. Mayne draws upon the flora and culture of each city she visits to create a candle, sometimes taking months to perfect the fragrance. “Ascent can represent anything, from the plants and flowers that grow there, to the main spices used in the foods, to the natural wonders,” Mayne said.
The new Santa Fe candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio.
The Santa Fe candle was the result of a “spur-of-the-moment excursion” that Mayne and her husband took, as she explained. Mayne also chose to include her home of Brooklyn to commemorate her fond memories of the city. “I felt like creating a Brooklyn candle as a homage to this place I love so much, where I have spent so many years, where I fell in love with my husband, where the company started and where our entire team lives,” Mayne said. “One of the things I will forever remember about this place will be spending time with my husband and friends at restaurants and bars because Brooklyn has such amazing and creative food and cocktails.” “Eco Friendly Brooklyn”
The Brooklyn candle, a musky scent layered with patchouli, citrus, and leather, is particularly influenced by an October night out with friends at the Clover Club in Cobble Hill. Mayne recalled sipping her spicy orange-infused cocktail in a leather booth listening to live jazz and created the earthy scent for the Brooklyn candle to embody this memory. The familiar fragrance has a comforting sense of home, no doubt due to Mayne’s own love for her city.
Founder Tamara Mayne designs each Brooklyn Candle Studio label.
Eco Friendly Brooklyn. Mayne weaves her personal aesthetic into her candles, from the labels she designs to the fragrances she creates. The minimalist style with a twist is found in the unique scents of Brooklyn Candle Studio as well as her approach to fashion and interior design. “I love classic pieces that aren’t too trendy, muted colours, and neutrals that go with everything,” Mayne explained about her aesthetic. “However, I love a little exaggeration– maybe unexpected volume or an interesting sleeve. For home decor, I’m actually drawn to a lot of colour, but only in accents—I tend to gravitate more towards neutrals for larger pieces. I love wood and leather pieces and Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired design.”
Mayne’s background in art direction, graphic design, and candle making proves Brooklyn Candle Studio is one of the most stylish–and green–candle companies around.
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