5 Fashion Trends That Will Rule in 2019

Fashion Trends

The new year represents the start of fresh adventures, renewed goals and brand new fashion trends. While fashion experts expect some of our favorite trends to stick around in 2019, we’re going to see them reinvented in new and interesting ways. Excitingly, brand new trends are also predicted to make their way into the stores over the course of the following year. Here is a list of the biggest trends that will rule the fashion scene in 2019:

1. Power suits

A tailored suit is a style classic every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. However, the suit is taking on a new look in 2019. Jackets, trousers and skirts come in bold, bright shades that can pack a punch as a sophisticated, yet powerful outfit. Blazers are single-breasted, double-breasted or even asymmetric, while bottoms are either fitted or relaxed. But whatever the shape, it’s all about the vibrant and impactful color this year.

2. Denim on denim

A trend that has been ruling the fashion scene for years and doesn’t show any intention of going away, fashionable high waisted jeans are still as popular as ever. However, one thing is undoubtedly changing this year and that’s the way we style them. What we were once so afraid of and always told to avoid is now the most fashionable street style look of 2019 – double denim. Whether you opt for a uniformed look or combine different washes with different shapes, the message this year is definitely ‘don’t hold back – find new and innovative ways to style your favorite denim’.

3. Square toes

While we have seen a lot of 90s revival over the last few years, from slip dresses and satin skirts to acid-washed denim and fluffy accessories, a new 90s favorite is making a big comeback in 2019. Whether in the form of satin pumps and flats or even PVC boots, square-toed shoes were seen all over the runways, as well as gracing the streets of fashion capitals of the world. There is no denying this trendy footwear is going to be a fashion staple in 2019.

4. Animal prints

While leopard never goes out of style, it’s been enjoying a major revival of late – whether it be a leopard print slip dress or skirt, or a spotted faux fur coat, every woman seems to have a staple leopard piece in her closet. However, the 2019 scene found women experimenting with other animal motifs as well, from tiger and zebra stripes to chic python prints. But whichever print you opt for, bringing some wildlife into your wardrobe is an incredibly fashionable way of updating your personal style this year.

5. Shades of beige

While we’re clearly not abandoning bright colors altogether in 2019, fashion is poised for a mainstream shift towards muted neutral tones this year. From sand, tan and cream to neutrals that take on ash and maple tones, these beautiful colors were seen all over the runways this season. Minimalistic shades, such as beiges, creams, whites and off-whites, are also being incorporated into many closets this year and often worn as highly fashionable monochromatic outfits. If you are someone who gravitates more towards a neutral color palette, there’s no need to worry – earthy tones are back in a big way.

As you reassess your wardrobe for 2019, it’s the perfect time to make sure you have all the trendy and fashionable items you’ll ever need to compile cool and chic outfits this year. If you follow the trends listed above, you’ll be able to put together a stylish look every time you open your closet.

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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