Leica Mirrorless Pro Cameras

Leica is at the top of the luxury camera food chain and with good reason.  The companies history is fascinating and the attention to detail of their camera systems has become legendary with photographers, the precision ergonomics and lens portfolio being the talk of the photography scene worldwide.

With two distinct professional level mirrorless lines the APSC (cropped sensor) and SL (full frame 35mm) they are being hailed for their retro styling and ease of use whilst maintaining their status as one of the elites in camera technology.

leica cl street kit
leica CL street kit

Designed to be cherished there is something decadent on the surface but immensely practical about the cameras that will make you want to handle it and take photos.  The SL (full frame) has the kind of visual that speaks softly with its smooth lines and semi-retro look that is decidedly Leica and just that alone makes it something to covet.  The solidity of any Leica is something people reference, the smooth lines, and simplicity of design have the same appeal as a well-made suit; only the person wearing the suit or handling the camera knows the truth, beyond the surface looks there is something deeper in the construction that gives it the edge over the competition and has marked them out as the elite and coveted brand that they are.

Looking at the cropped sensor range, we see a very obvious harkening back to the history of the company wit hits styling reminiscent of their earlier film camera’s, the CL, in particular, is seen as the epitome of street photography gear, often described as being the zenith of luxury in the entry-level market and street cameras.  Discreet to the point of being almost invisible the CL is the kind of camera that has the ability to show status whilst maintaining a quiet dignity that is synonymous with Leica and it’s carefully structured precision cameras and lenses.

leica sl kit
leica SL kit

What many owners talk about is the fact that the cameras don’t age, they just are, there is something solid (both literally and metaphorically) about the Leica system that transcends age and technology in a way that is reassuringly luxurious, you buy Leica and it will grow with you and become a part of your life without the constant worry about upgrading because its a Leica, simplicity, and elegance with truly ageless feel.

To learn more about the Leica range see the website:

Leica website UK

Leica Instagram 

Leica Twitter 

Leica Facebook


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