The Gadgets Whizzing Home Design into the 21st Century

by Jennifer Cole

Innovation is a key goal for home retail companies wishing to stay at the top of their game, according to Alliance Data’s new report on home furnishings and design. Augmented reality, robust mobile applications, and other groundbreaking technologies are satisfying the demand for connectivity, practicality, and style. If you are keen on taking your interiors to the next level, take note of the latest trend in gadgets that not only reflect the wonders of ubiquitous connectivity, but also make life more aesthetically-pleasing.

Photo by John Tekeridis


Televisions that Curve, Bend, and Roll

At CES Las Vegas 2019, visitors raved over a new OLED television that rolls up like a poster, practically ‘disappearing’ into its trendy casing and making it seem like there isn’t a TV in your living room at all. The motorized television lends a futuristic feel to any living space. It also makes it easier to transport your TV from one room to another, or to leave part of the display up to indicate the time, temperature, and other vital information. 

Mirrors that Speak

If you always wished you could step inside a Robocop movie, cutting-edge gadgets home gadgets can definitely make it feel like you’ve travelled ‘back to the future’. Start your home’s transformation with a Bluetooth mirror with built-in speakers and music. Connect up to your favorite music and enjoy the concert of a lifetime while you’re getting ready. More practical homeowners might use the mirror to make phone calls and plan meetings while getting ready.

Motorized Panel Lighting

Motorized panel systems are the ‘it’ gadget for homeowners wishing to regulate the amount of sun that enters their interiors, with great precision. These systems comprises various motorized panels that can move 360º. Homeowners program the panels to either close altogether, tilt in a way that they permit the maximum amount of sunlight to come in, or enjoy a bit of shade (which is great on sunny days). The panels can even be programmed to do a ‘wave’, to welcome guests into your home.

Smart Light Panels

Imagine lighting up your home with a set of interconnected light panels that respond to touch, changing color and boasting a modern hexagonal shape. This and other lighting systems were recently exhibited at CES Las Vegas, wowing audiences, who touched the lights to create beautiful patterns and even played games with the beautifully designed shapes. The lights can be automated and turned into a plethora of shapes, making them ideal for design buffs who don’t like their lighting to stay the same from season to season or even from day to day.


Smart Display

Imagine being able to see how your cake is doing inside the oven, or knowing whether or not the food you are cooking has achieved golden perfection – without opening the oven door! Smart displays that make it seem like the oven door is transparent, but which are actually screens. It’s a bit like turning on a TV to see what’s inside the oven; the idea is super practical but also adds a gorgeous designer touch to your kitchen.

We have mentioned just a few gadgets that savvy homeowners are already lining up to own. Some, like smart oven displays, are as yet not on the market, but others (such as the gradient system) are already gracing many avant-garde homes. Whether Bluetooth gadgets, smart lighting, or cutting-edge TV experiences are your thing, new technology is well on the way towards making your life easier and more entertaining.

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