My Sweet Valentine Gift to the Single ones

“How can I recognize my soul mate?” A question many of us might ask. I translated a selection from a book written with Eastern wisdom by Dmitry Semenik. I hope it will make sense to you and bring at least a fraction of clarity and encouragement in your life.

“Bucharest, 2008” by Photographer Adi Bulboacă

“If two people are bound by True Love, a divine “spark” outbreaks between them, as somewhere it’s said: “Their destinies are bound in heaven.”  Our human heart is designed in such way that it is capable of receiving this divine suggestion, this signal that near you is the person for whom you are prepared.

Sometimes we observe this spark, but we begin to look at the external traits of the person… We than see that, perhaps, he/she is not so good looking, not so rich or is different in another kind of ideal: maybe has disabilities. We think to ourselves: “What should I do with a person with disabilities?” Or “Why do I need someone who cannot be an object of external admiration for me?” – for the youngsters want friends to envy them, the girls want to find a rich prince who comes to pick them up with his car to take them to the restaurant, so to be able to tell about, to boast. (…)

People do not really think that if, the person we talk about, is dear to you, if the meeting with that person is precious to you, then you two should form a family. You will have to rely on your husband/wife, and he/she will have to be someone who will not betray you, will not deceive you, who will not leave you when the hardest moments come, who will be your friend, your life companion – and this image does not always correspond with the criteria of the outer beauty, because marriage does not depend on the outer beauty, nor on the ability to stylishly dress yourself or to luxuriously furnish the apartment, not on the material satisfaction. In such marriage, people begin to get bored with time; three to four months, and the pair starts to feel disappointed. Slowly but surely the relationship breaks apart, breaks apart, breaks apart…”

I love the way the author advises us to wake up from the shallow state of mind, to be with our hearts open as we might have our soul mates passing by before our eyes, and being too much focused on the noise outside, we might forget to listen to what our hearts have to say. Wishing you True Love for this Valentine’s Month and as well forever & ever!

(Dmitry Semenik, Dragostea adevărată  / True love ‒ taina dragostei înainte și după căsătorie / the mystery of love before and after marriage, translated in Romanian by Adrian Tănăsescu-Vlas, Publishing House: Sophia, 2012, p. 37)

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