The EMJ Makeup Brush Collection

Founded in 2012 EMJ has come on leaps and bounds and is now a respected professional and consumer range of bags and makeup storage solutions, so the natural evolution of this to bring in makeup brushes that are as innovative as the other items in the range.

emj makeup brushes
EMJ makeup brushes

Boasting ground-breaking technology, EMJ brushes have been developed with the most innovative vegan hair on the market to date. Each strand of hair has been specifically designed to mimic the science of animal hair resulting in a seamless application for both liquid and powder formulations. EMJ’s vegan brush range is made with hypo allogenic and antibacterial materials, absorbing minimal product resulting in less waste.  The long, sleek brush handles are handcrafted from wood in the UK, dipped in soft-coated matte paint specially designed for comfort and durability for pro artists as well as day to day make-up application.

emj makeup brushes
EMJ Makeup Brushes

Creatively the EMJ company has been incredibly clever about their evolution and with the brushes, it’s easy to see the makeup artist led methodology behind this, any makeup artist or makeup enthusiast will tell you that good brushes are tools and good tools create results.

Focusing on key areas of makeup application and giving the best possible range and options, EMJ brushes are designed to work within those realms, the face collection consisting of the Nellie powder brush, the Jerry foundation brush, and the innovative Rose tapered blush brush.  Each of these brushes is specifically designed to work with you to create the base of any look.

An interesting aspect is the Annie brush (sold individually and as part of an eye set) a multitasker in its (her?) own right it allows you to apply and blend your eyeshadow easily and quickly.

Speaking of the eye set, it is a real mark of the savvy of the founder, taking the elements of an eye look and breaking it down to its core components and giving you a sleek packaged and curated set that will look elegant AND give you the tools to create a look.

Overall the EMJ company has come to the table in a way that will be a revelation to the pro community and consumers alike.  Already loved by celebrity makeup artists and used by the team on X Factor, an endorsement that cannot be ignored.  A professional range that massive appeal and potential to be a gamechanger for anyone who loves makeup.

To learn more about the range see:

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