Valmont Cosmetics A Swiss Revelation

Valmont Cosmetics are amongst the leaders in scientific cosmetology taking the best of DNA and cellular research and combining it with the cutting edge of cosmetics art to create a range of skincare that has the best of both worlds.  The spas and range in themselves are amongst the most coveted in the industry and have become a world leader in the skin care realm for the innovations and ongoing research combined with the artistic and relaxation values that are implicit with the company.

The Purity Collection Valmont Cosmetics
The Purity Collection Valmont Cosmetics

Looking at the website or the spas themselves, we see a beautiful, luxurious and ultimately decadent outlined cosmetics line that is designed to be a reward to your skin and body in a frenetic world, the brand is on the surface a decadent and glamorous addition to your skincare routine, which is how it should be but looking past this we see a cleverly structured and deep level of commitment to the industry with the refinement and knowledge of leading scientists backing the creation of the range.  The cosmetics industry is one of the world leaders in scientific development and its companies like Valmont leading the way from their ethereal base in the Alps to bring one of the most supremely luxurious and scientific ranges on the market today.

The Purity Collection Valmont Cosmetics
The Purity Collection Valmont Cosmetics

The company has long been known for its restorative and relaxing atmosphere and the new collection of skincare called Purity is a collection of nine new luxurious cleansers including Icy Falls, Wonder Falls, Bubble Falls, Bi-Falls, Aqua Falls, Fluid Falls, Vital Falls, Face Exfoliant and Purity Pack.

Created to make your cleansing ritual more of a time of relaxation and sensory delight, Purity offers nine gentle yet powerful products to rid pollutants that dull the complexion, purify without leaving the skin dry and remove even the most stubborn makeup! In this new line of cleansing treatments, Valmont targets the skin by promoting a healthy and balanced microbiota thanks to Valmont’s Swiss glacial spring water and select probiotics.

Available March 2019 at,, Spa Valmont at Hôtel Plaza Athénée NYC and the Hotel Bel-Air Spa Los Angeles.

The Purity Collection Valmont Cosmetics
The Purity Collection Valmont Cosmetics

To learn more about the range see their website and social media:

Valmont Cosmetics Website

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