Nanalola Couture Comes to The House of iKons

Nanalola Couture is a couture fashion line that mixes classic style with modern ideas.   In 2009 Monica Jones was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis- a rare neuromuscular disease.  As you would suspect that is devastating news to hear, not just for Monica but her entire family.   With the love and support of her husband (Eric Jones) Monica began sewing again. Eric just wanted Monica to do something that made her happy.  Being a designer was a distant dream that had been buried in the responsibilities of having a family, children and now illness.

Nanaola Couture
Nanaola Couture

Nanalola was birthed through heartache, love, support, determination and the creation of joy.  Now Nanalola Couture has shown in DC, California, New York City, London, and Scotland. Although the style for Nanalola is very classic and timeless it is also sassy and able to be worn by EVERYONE.  Nanalola has had people of all walks of life (Women, Children, Men, Straight, Gay, Thin, Thick and Trans) strut their stuff on the runway- while looking absolutely fabulous.

Through the inspirational story of Nanalola and the noise Monica is making worldwide, she is happy to now also be an Ambassador for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation.   

The elegance of her work is visible in every detail from the colours to the fabrics her main attraction is her plus size clothing which is elegant and beautifully cut to suit curves and flatter them.  From cocktails to evening glamour, the dresses are simply stunning.

Nanaola Couture
Nanaola Couture

There are many big things coming for Nanalola- you can follow the posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @NanalolaCouture to keep up to date with all the news.

For press and media contact The House of iKons 

Tickets for the February show are available here.  


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