How often freedom of speech rights are violated nowadays?

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How often freedom of speech rights are violated nowadays?


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“Russian authorities have unjustifiably prosecuted dozens of people for criminal offenses because of social media posts, online videos, media articles, and interviews, and shut down or blocked access to hundreds of websites and web pages.


Hoodie//Maniere De Voir



 Independent Musicians have had their concerts canceled because of law enforcement raids or other pretexts. In remarks posted on the Kremlin website last month, Putin said that “rap and other things that are modern forms of expression rest upon three pillars: sex, drugs and protest,” and said he was the most worried about rap lyrics that glorified drug use. This has involved rappers such as Face and Allj, dubious neo-emo pop band Frendzona, and avant-garde electronic music project IC3PEAK, which emerged from Moscow’s popular underground house and rave scene.


Russian culture exists in a constant sphere of assault and attack on the freedom of speech and the willful want for expression.



The government has no reservations or qualms… no conscious or fears in arresting renowned theater and film director Kirill Serebrennikov, as well as interfering with the Side by Side LGBT+ film festival, or even arresting members of the famed music band Pussy Riot.


The punishing hand is ruthless, and incredibly random with its acts and justifications for its actions.



The government is not interested or willing to support freedom of expression, particularly when it comes to the taste of its younger citizens and the influence we are having nationally. With the growth of social media and online activity fluctuating in a space whereby, it is near on impossible to censor people’s views.


Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of a dramatic surge in which the Kremlin will continue to deprive and destroy the art form. ” 


Hoodie//Maniere De Voir


What are your thoughts on the current situation?




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