The Brush Belt Company a New Pro Must Have

As any makeup artist will tell you, your kit is first and foremost important and finding the right set bag, brush belt or brush roll is an ongoing challenge.  Which is where the team at Brush Belt UK come to the table.

pro artists belt by Brush Belt UK
pro artists belt by Brush Belt UK

Working closely with the manufacturers and designing their products to meet the needs of their fellow makeup artists and the general public giving the pro range a classic and practical twist.

Starting with their brush belts we see the care of attention placed in the products, with two distinct models they are designed to cover all bases so if you need something purely for brushes that you need close at hand, you’re covered with the classic.  For media artists or bridal, the more comprehensive pro belt has a multitude of pockets to cater to all your needs.

brush roll By Brush Belt UK
brush roll By Brush Belt UK

The brush roll, a standout for me, is huge, and as someone who carries on average 6 of each brush per job and needs to be able to lay it out on a table then roll it up to be hidden away in my bag again, it holds all shapes and sizes and is conveniently sized and sturdy enough to cater to most artists needs.

In amongst this is a fantastic location bag and the stellar pro set bag with its row of brush slots, large compartment, and heavy-duty material makes it a clever and convenient bag that can be used as a paired down kit bag for smaller jobs or on set to carry larger items that need that extra space.

Finally, the wipe/tissue holder, anyone who is on set knows that carrying wipes is a must and the packaging can get dirty easily (ironically given their use), is designed to slot onto the brush belt giving you a hands-free option and free up space in your set bag.

pro set bag by Brush Belt UK
pro set bag by Brush Belt UK

With all of this in mind, as a professional, aspiring makeup artist or an enthusiastic amateur, the goal is always the same: maximize the kit in a minimal amount of space and keep it all tidy.   Let’s be honest here, we all love a good storage option for our makeup kits from pros to consumers and the brush belt team are hitting all the right markers.

To learn more about the company check out their website and social media:

Brush Belt Site 

Brush Belt Instagram 

Brush Belt Facebook 

Brush Belt Twitter 


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