Mykitco New Brushes

When Mykitco has a new launch you can pretty much guarantee that it has been well thought out and carefully structured to meet the needs of consumers and professionals alike.  Always hitting the right markers for brushes and their other products by simply understanding what people need and taking the time to do things right.

The company started by James Molloy (internationally renowned makeup artist) and Alex Thompson (business and events manager extraordinaire), has become one of the industry standards for brushes and bags taking the best of both their backgrounds and creating a brand that has become a cult favourite across arena’s from social media to film/TV and fashion.

Mykitco new brushes
Mykitco new brushes

The newest additions to the Mykitco brush family are to put it simply, the missing elements in your kit.

The three new face brushes; my smoothing concealer,  my soft concealer and my stippling foundation are ideal for multitasking being able to create the canvas to work from.  With the flexibility to crossover, you can work your base to the blush with these brushes and create the foundation of your look.

soft concealer brush mykitco
soft concealer brush mykitco

The blush and polish brush is interesting, its slim tapered shape allows you to be more precise in your blush or powder application or highlight the skin with precision.

Something that is often marketed solely to the pro market and never talked about is the lash groomer, a delicate applicator designed for mascara which allows you to get close the lash root and work the colour in.  The effect is stunning and gives you more room to manoeuvre with a product, from a pro standpoint its a must, for a consumer, its a brush that will elevate your eye looks to a new level of precision with a little practice.

Finally, the chiselled brow does exactly what it says on the brush, everyone loves a brow look and from simple and natural to a more “chiselled” on point look you can control the product with this synthetic brush.

Mykitco new brushes
Mykitco new brushes

As a pro makeup artist himself, James Molloy, appreciates and understands the needs of artists and the whole line is designed to be complementary and give you the tools to create.  On everyone’s watch list from beauty bloggers and editors to the cream of the crop fashion artists, Mykitco has become a savvy, well-curated cult brand in the makeup artist arena.

To learn more about the brand see their website and social media accounts below:

Mykitco website 

Mykitco Instagram 

Mykitco Twitter 

MyKitco Facebook 

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