Face Stockholm Inspired by Artistic Movements Collection

Face Stockholm has a history of being cutting edge and since its inception in 1982, has gone onto become a leading brand with a finger on the pulse of fashion and creativity.  So when they launched the collection inspired by artistic movements it was no surprise that the palettes are as beautiful as their inspiration.  Each one is designed to emulate the colors and style of the movement it was named for and shows the roots of art from both a makeup perspective and that of a classically styled painting form.


realist palette Face Stockholm
realist palette Face Stockholm

Light and shadow anchor pebble-rock greys, a seaside palette punctuated by a gleaming sapphire. Boundless Realism tells it as it is, and with this palette’s pearl eyeshadows, there is no hiding from it.


Renaissance palette Face Stockholm
Renaissance palette Face Stockholm

Burnished brass, broken-in leather, and delicate lace create depth and classic form. This palette is motivated by the artist, Fontana, who was part of the Renaissance movement. She was the first woman artist to paint female nudes, and we’ve honored her by carefully selecting pearly nudes that blend seamlessly and can effortlessly create a day-to-night transformation.


realist palette Face Stockholm
Baroque palette Face Stockholm

Muted fruits, fawn, and petal evoke the grandeur of fabric, well-worn metals, and dappled light. The Baroque style used contrast, movement, exuberant detail, deep color and surprise to achieve a sense of awe. This palette is all that and then some.


realist palette Face Stockholm
Impressionist palette Face Stockholm

Youthful pearls, a flattering plum and a duo of beaming greys dance on the skin with spirited independence. Impressionist painters are characterized by relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, the same small and thin brushstrokes that should be used to create a dramatic, intense application with this palette.


arts and crafts palette Face Stockholm
arts and crafts palette Face Stockholm

A beam of sunlight reveals spices, roots, and leaves, conjuring the simple joy of a woodland forest. These colors are inspired by renowned Swedish artist Carl Larsson and his “Letter Writing”. Subtle colors on their own but when combined create depth and cultivate individualism.

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