Evita Joseph Ghanaian Beauty Brand

Evita Joseph is one of the leading lights of makeup in her native Ghana, Africa, her paired down approach to beauty and the cosmetics arts combined with her humble attitude is making her an online sensation.  her store is now considered the place to find the best makeup for beauty conscious women of colour in her home country.  Known for her beautiful work and clean looks, Evita is a consummate professional of her craft worthy of recognition.

Designed to work with both consumers and professionals, she has created a series of staple items that are cult favourites and drawing attention on a global scale.

Starting with the brushes, Evita has created a signature collection called the salted brush collection, 9 brushed designed to be a one-stop process for a total look.  In hand, these brushes are perfectly weighted to sit comfortably in the hand and with the specially chosen set, it’s easy to create a look, not to mention their simple styling: black handle with a silver feral and Evita Joseph logo on the handle.

salted brush set by Evita Joseph
salted brush set by Evita Joseph

Her store is a perfect place to find not just the brushes you will need as a makeup artist but her own collection of add-ons such as disposables, brush cleaner and of course a multifaceted sponge for blending your base.

Standing tall in the range (outside of the brushes) we find the beautiful liquid lipsticks who’s colour range is ideal for all skin tones and goes from the lightest petal pink called Labone to the decadent deep purple of Ashtown, all of which are perfect as an accompaniment to a look.

salted brush set by Evita Joseph
salted brush set by Evita Joseph

The pencils for brows are designed to work with darker tones double as liners, the range overall from Evita is designed as a compliment and addon to your overall makeup look and as such shows an incredibly savvy approach to makeup and a respect for the craft as seen by the brushes.

To learn more about Evita Joseph and her makeup see the website EJ Beauty Store or her social media accounts:

EJ Beauty Store 

EJ Beauty Instagram 

EJ Beauty Twitter

Evita Joseph brows
Evita Joseph brows

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