Contouring Made Easy With Bronzie

founded in the summer of 2014 by beauty expert Leanne LeGuen, tanning expert and celebrity spray tanner Eloise Maryam.  Bronzie has become a celebrity staple and a hugely talked about brand that has made the art of fake tan simpler.

face stencil Bronzie
face stencil Bronzie

It’s never been easier to perfect facial contouring thanks to the ingenious trio of tricks from Bronzie, which can be used with make-up or tanning products for a semi-permanent effect. The Ultimate Contouring Kit contains:

· The Face Contour Stencil
It just so happens that the Bronzie ‘B’ is the perfect shape for contouring the face! Simply place the easy-clean stencil on each side of the face and trace your make-up or tan along the edge to produce make-up artist perfect contouring.

· Nose Contour Stencil
Place this in between your brows and along the bridge of your nose.

nose stencil Bronzie
nose stencil Bronzie

· Mini Finger Mitt
The perfect tool to apply your tan or cream-based make-up, the Bronzie Mini Finger Mitt is made of luxury, soft material for super sharp cheekbones and highlights in all the right places!

Taking tanning to the next level with the ease that can only be created through years of experience and skill, Bronzie is taking over the  market and adding their contour kit items and adding them to your beauty roster is allowing people to go that one step further with the kind of face contouring and sculpting that until now needed makeup to be achieved and has removed the hassle from sculpting.

With an ethos built around creative, innovative solutions that are designed to support their clients and give people the option to take their self-tanning to the next level.  With a small selection of carefully structured products the company is all about the clients and pushing forward with your tanning needs.

finger mitt Bronzie
finger mitt Bronzie

The added bonus of the company is the simplicity, going from the salon to home is made easy.  To learn more about the company or the products see their website and social media:

Bronzie Website

Bronzie Instagram 

Bronzie Twitter 

Bronzie Facebook 


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