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Any chef will tell you that a knife is a personal thing and the weight, blade and general construction is as important to them as a computer to the software developer or a brush to an artist. Blenheim Forge has taken this a step further with their fine-tuned process and development of some of the best artisan knives available on the market.

Blenheim Forge Artisan Knives
Blenheim Forge Artisan Knives

Working with traditional Japanese heritage techniques and developing the metallurgy methods used to create their blades.  

Hand worked and honed these are an investment of quality that is truly valued by chefs and cooking enthusiasts who appreciate the time and effort in development that goes not only into the design and choices of metals and handles but to the overall piece.  A true passion, the team behind Blenheim Forge have created a uniquely personal piece of kitchenware that has to be seen and used to be appreciated in full.

Blenheim Forge Artisan Knives
Blenheim Forge Artisan Knives Image Courtesy of Start your Comms

Each piece is developed with a creative passion that is self-evident when you look at the blades.  Starting from their roots as self-taught artisans, the core team have honed and researched every element of their craft to develop one of the most respected craftsman kitchen utensil companies in the UK, garnering a wide range of press and media attention, Blenheim Forge has created a business from a passion that has surpassed expectation and is fast becoming a cult favorite in the kitchen.  

From their base in Peckham, they are now used across the globe by a variety of chefs and enthusiastic cooks and are continuing to develop the range to meet the exacting needs of the catering and of course the homegrown world of food.  

Blenheim Forge Artisan Knives
Blenheim Forge Artisan Knives Image Courtesy of Start your Comms

The personal touch is just one small (but worthy) aspect of the brand as they continue to grow and gather attention it’s easy to see why they have become such a respected brand.

To learn more or purchase see their website Blenheim Forge Online. 

For Press and Media inquiries contact Start your comms PR agency.  

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