Stay on Fleek with Pet Pampering Trends from Across the Globe

by Jennifer Cole

The pet industry generated a massive $69.36 billion in 2017, and $6.11 billion of that went to pet services. Domestic animals have never quite enjoyed the exposure as they do now, from celebrities sporting their famous shelter rescue pets to the exposure – and abolishment – of animal cruelty practices around the globe. Those furry family members have made an indelible mark on the hearts of their owners, and it seems only fair that the pampering suffices.

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Japan Goes Gourmet With Its Pet Food

If sakura ebi and sashimi-grade tuna are anything to go by, the Japanese sure know how to give their pets the good life. While dogs enjoy a pretty good deal, cat lovers steal the show as the cat market is around 30% larger than the dog. Cat food is a highly specialized industry in Japan, and the overall nutrition of the cat is of optimal importance. Even though the prices are high on these items, it doesn’t stop pet owners from buying it and this particular industry has seen a 70% increase.

Brits Love To Spoil Their Pets

A new trend that’s developing in the U.K. and across the globe sees pet owners approaching different retail methods to purchase goods for their pets. Along with Fido’s beloved chew toy, there are a number of other goods that are now accessible to pet owners through various channels. Shopping for a beloved pet is on a whole new level as a quarter of the U.K. admit to pampering their pets, and aren’t afraid to show it. The average monthly spend is around £95 – or $120 – and around 66% of pet owners buy accessories for their pets. This trend has an astronomical effect on the economy, with around £18 billion spent per annum on cats and dogs only. There is still a whole other level of pet indulgence when it comes to the exotic pet market.

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Adventure Outings For Pampered Oz Pups

Dogs are all about fun and adventure, so why have we limited them to tedious walks on short leashes? Pet pampering goes to a whole new level in Oz as pets now get to enjoy adventure fitness walks to keep them fit and entertained. This service is just one of many unique pet pampering services that fill niches consumers didn’t realize existed. It’s services like these end up boosting the Australian economy with an additional $12 billion per annum.

Pet pampering goes beyond the bling on the collar and instead allows pets to enjoy a happier – albeit healthier – life.

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