Discover now Anna Dorian and her graduate collection as a political statement

Discover now Anna Dorian , a POLIMODA graduate fashion designer who doesn’t hold back: her color-punched designs give political dissent a visual voice, merging innovative materials to signify the urgency of climate change. Recently on show at Modebelofte during Dutch Design Week, Anna’s graduation collection mirrors the different stages of melting ice, cord, Jacquard piqué and vivid graphics with a nod to 80s club culture.

Anna created ”STOP F*UCKING WITH MY PLANET” collection as a political statement against our favorite orange man. The collection is reminiscent of 1980’s London. Anna Dorian is a self proclaimed 16 year old that was born in Venice but is now residing in Zurich. Check out her collection below:

Photographed by Polimoda Art Direction student Gabriele Rosati


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