The Sea No 2 By JP Mclaughlin

In the lexicon of art, there is something about a seascape that just sits perfectly into the abstract category and JP Mcglaughlin brings us another piece that as part of a series, is making waves literally and metaphorically in this case with the simply titled Sea No 2.

Where The Sea no 1 was calm and exuded a sense of tranquility, No 2, takes a little more of the west coast of Scotland with it’s choppy, distinctly chilly looking waves and clouds broken up and moving the visuals are much stronger and reminiscent of sunsets in winter.

The Sea No. 2 by JP McLaughlin
The Sea No. 2 by JP McLaughlin

The warm tones of the clouds and the horizon add a touch of sunset to the piece whilst the waves are reminiscent of icy North Sea waves and the braking force of a strong wind and the chill factor that the Scottish are used to in the winter.

Although warm toned in the background with the deep reds, oranges, and touches of deep almost black red, bringing that sense of sunset its the edges of cool blue and flashes of black that draw me to conclude its a winters day in Scotland that inspired the piece.

By no stretch does this make the piece cold, far from it, it merely conveys motion and gives the sea depth and a stronger sense of movement that draws the eye.

The lack of birdlife is also telling to the theory of a Scottish winter with the absence of even a seagull braking up the sky, which even without them doesn’t remove the drama of the piece if anything it adds to it giving it more of a bleak yet captivating essence.

Looking at the painting each time we find something new such as the clouds that have an almost ship-like form hinting at the histrionics of the ocean as a means of travel between locations, You can picture the sailors tying down sails or looking to the land hoping for a safe haven in the choppy waters.

To learn more about the artist or to purchase work see his website JP McLaughlin art. 


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