How To Get Organized This New Year

We’ve just crossed the threshold into the new year, and it’s time that many people make resolutions. Resolutions are like promises to oneself, and they can be to do with anything at all, from health and fitness to trying new things, to finding new ways to be happy.


They can also be about becoming more organized.


Organization is a great new year’s resolution because it is simple to get started, easy to keep, and, once you see the difference it will make, you will find life is easier because of it too. Below are some great ways to get organized in the new year (and for the next 12 months and beyond).


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When was the last time you had a true declutter in your home? Now is the ideal time to do it. Take a step back from your possessions and look around your home objectively. Is it far too full? Are you keeping things that you really don’t need or even want? If so, decluttering is the answer.


It may sound daunting, but’s a simple process. Take three boxes or bags and label one ‘trash,’ another ‘Goodwill’ or perhaps ‘to sell’ and another ‘keep.’ Go through all of your belongings room by room and make sure something goes into each box. When you’re done, you can rearrange and dust or clean the ‘keep’ items, and remove the other items until you’re ready to sell them, take them to the dump (or recycle them), or deliver them to Goodwill. Do this in each room, one by one, and soon enough your home will be clean, tidy, and a lot more comfortable.


Arrange Life Insurance

Being organized isn’t just about making your home neat and tidy so that you can find important documents and items (although that is certainly part of it). If you want to be truly organized, it’s time to look into arranging your life insurance. It may not be something you want to think about, but ensuring you have the best term life insurance means that your family and children can be taken care of should the worst happen.


Once you have arranged good cover, you can forget all about it unless you want to update it at a later date. At the same time, you might want to write or update your will; this way you can note down who you would want to care for your children as their guardian if you could not.


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Get A Wall Calendar – And Use It

If you find that you are rushing about all over the place and you sometimes forget which child needs to be where and when, or which days your partner is planning on working late, or when you are and you need to let other people in the household know but they forget too, it’s time to invest in a wall calendar.


Get a big one that will fit nicely on the front of the refrigerator, or on a door that everyone will see on a regular basis. Make sure it is filled in at the beginning of the week so that everyone knows what is meant to be happening and they are expected to be. It can be a calendar that is easily editable, so that changes don’t become messy and confusing, and as long as people look at it and it stays up to date, you will feel extremely organized and never miss another appointment again.


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