The Teeez Brush Collection

The Teez Brush collection fits so beautifully with the rest of the range its hard to imagine not having at least one (or maybe more) in your kit or on your dressing table.

Built around the idea that cosmetics should not have a label, the brushes are perfectly placed in this with discretion being the better part of valour with a simple, yet elegant matte black handles and glossy black feral just speak volumes about the brand’s ethos.

teeez lipbrush
teeez lipbrush

 Split into three categories of eyes, face and lips, we see some of the most decadent and dedicated elements of the range that can easily be integrated into your routine and still carry that “no labels” philosophy that the company has become famous for across Europe.

teeez foundation brush
teeez foundation brush

It should be noted they are one of the rare brands that have a full-length handle on the lip brush making it as uniquely beautiful as the rest of the range, 10 brushes in the collection which gives just enough to tempt you into becoming a part of the movement and add to your collection.  After all makeup brushes are a must have…..

Looking first to the face brushes we find the flat foundation brush perfectly shaped and synthetic (easily doubling up to add concealer), the slanted blush has just enough angle to it that you could sculpt and shape with minimal effort.

On the eyes, we see a pencil brush, a cut crease and of course, the divine shadow brush all with the signature black handle and glossy feral and the added luxe touch of snow white bristles that edge it out to the competition.  Designed to apply shadow and pigments it has the same feel of elegance as the rest, another design flourish that is appreciated is the gold numbering and subtle logo that just enough, allows you to make your own mark with the brushes and still have that hint of a brand that many of us do so covet.

teeez shadow brush
teeez shadow brush

Each of the brushes (in spite of the detailing) is considered a multitasker allowing you to create and without restrictions play with looks in the same way that the rest of the brand does.

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