How Camping Can Help You Reconnect with Nature

Not everyone is a of camping, but the truth is that this hobby is one of the healthiest ones out there. It’s a chance for you to spend more time in the open air and explore areas you’ve never visited before. What’s even more important though, it’s also a chance to get in touch with nature. We’ve all lost part of that connection over the years as we’re so focused on our work and family, and spend so much of our time on indoor activities. Let’s say you are one of those people (ahem) who are not maybe an avid camper. If you are one of those people who are, say, curious… but so far have considered a BBQ on the back deck “the Great Outdoors” we are here to tell you that if you start camping more than before, you’re going to notice how amazing the nature around you is and how much joy it can provide you.

Discovering new areas

No matter where we live, the chances are we know exactly where our favorite markets, clubs, restaurants and fast food joints are, but do we know anything about the area right outside our towns? Probably not, because we’ve never been interested in exploring anything that’s outside our comfort zone.

Well, camping is perfect for that, and stepping out of your comfort zone is just one of the benefits. Others include reconnecting with your friends and family, learning more about yourself and the world around you, getting some exercise and boosting your serotonin levels. Good things.

New ways of traveling

When planning their family holiday, many people prefer going to the seaside, visiting a famous city or going somewhere far from their home. These are all legitimate ways of traveling, but aren’t the only ones – you can also consider camping as an option.

Whether you’ve already done this or not, camping can give you all the relaxation and excitement you’re looking for in a holiday, but it’s going to be much cheaper than all other options. Also, camping in nature will help you feel happier and (provided you bring a decent sleeping mat and bag) sleep better than ever before, and that’s something we all need.

Combine camping with other activities

If you’re not the biggest fan of camping, you can always add in other activities – swimming, snorkeling or riding a bike, for instance. All you need to do, though, is find a location that’s somewhere between a campsite and a seaside resort. Look for places that offer a camping combo service if you would like a bit of help getting your feet wet (although we HIGHLY recommend keeping your feet dry when camping!).

As long as you are not in a major metropolis, you can probably find a place fairly local to help facilitate the right trip for you. And if you are die hard about the experience, then go ahead and travel a bit. From Glamping to full on catch your dinner experiences, there really is something for everyone. From hiking the West Coast Trail in Canada to the  Sunshine Coast  in Australia full of amazing camping landmarks, tourists can always find new spots when thinking about their holidays. Powys in the Dyfi Forest offers luxury glamping in the UK for the reeeeally trepid. Conversely, if you head to Cambodia and hit up a certain canteen you can find a guide who will take you through the jungle with a knife and a compass and show you how survivalism is truly done. Find a place that fits your needs and maybe take baby steps if you need to.

Learn more about yourself

Being away from home and your comfort zone means you’ll have to do things you normally wouldn’t – from sleeping on an uncomfortable bed to looking for edible plants you could include in your meal. These things are never easy, but they’re good for you, and they help you learn more about yourself.

You’ll never know if you’re capable of enduring camping or not if you don’t try it. And by putting yourself in this situation, you’ll learn how to depend on nature more than before and connect to it on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Appreciate the little things

When you’re camping, you’re not just far away from your home, but from all your devices, appliances, gadgets and other perks of modern life. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some of these things with you when you’re camping – on the contrary, a durable smartphone and some solar charges are some of the essential gadgets every camper needs – but you’ll definitely have to adapt to this new way of existing for a bit.

This is particularly visible when you’re preparing food or washing your clothes, and unless you’ve arrived at your campsite in an RV, you’ll probably have to do that by hand. This may be harder than you’ve thought, but it’s still a great way to start appreciating the little things in life and paying more attention to nature than yourself. Trust us, you will return home with an entirely new relationship to hot water and plumbing!



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