Mossy Barber Mens Grooming

Mossy Barber products are a revelation not only in the male grooming market but for their oceanic policies and eco-friendly range of men’s products.  The founders were frustrated at the lack of products that were eco-friendly and not detrimental to the world’s oceans, so they decided to start their own and created a comprehensive range of products that are available as a single order or can be put on repeat purchase.

Mossy Barber Mens Grooming
Mossy Barber Mens Grooming

Whilst there is an abundance of brands focusing on plastic-free women’s cosmetics – and lots of small soap producers, we found it very hard to find suitable Premium quality toiletries for men.

We sampled dozens of suppliers; going through soaps that didn’t create a rich lather, too gimmicky brands with unusual ingredients, to larger brands who claim plastic-free credentials, but looking deeper into their product sets, are just as damaging to the environment as any other supermarket brand.

Our model is a simple – but optional – subscription service. customers can buy one-off items or can create reoccurring orders to automatically refill their plastic-free wash, shave, razors, deodorant, body care, and oral care products. We deliver from our Soil Certified Organic warehouse near Manchester, typically within 3 days anywhere in the UK.

Looking at the brand we see a uniquely clever process and their utilitarian box is made of wood and can be as decorative as it is functional, perfect in fact for the gentlemen’s own bathroom or dressing table filled with cufflinks, rings or watches making it hugely practical and a plus in the column of their ethos of sustainability.

With the packaging, we have a retro-chic style that mimics the Victorian style we see in images and gives the range an added edge of vintage luxury that can so often be missing with ultra modern styling, a clever use of packaging and being plastic free, it adds up to being a luxury Gentlemen’s brand that makes a smart addition to the bedroom or bathroom of any man with an eco leaning or just for its sheer quality. Regardless of how you view the company, there is just something about it that draws the eye and makes it a must-have.

Mossy Barber Mens Grooming
Mossy Barber Mens Grooming

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