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Ccolor has been on the Instagram radar for a while and is one of those brands that opens the door to experimenting with different palettes and lipsticks without breaking the bank, often referred to as an affordable luxury brand the Ccolor team work hard to bring something new to the market on a monthly basis letting you as a pro or consumer add to your makeup kit regularly with some fun pop art style covetable makeup.

Ccolor Cosmetics Obsessed Palettes
Ccolor Cosmetics Obsessed Palettes

Founded in Los Angeles by a team of professional makeup artists who wanted something affordable that could be slotted easily into a makeup kit for a working artist or added to a dressing table for a consumer who wanted affordable fun makeup.

Calling them pop art makeup is no mistake, their distinctive packaging harkens to the same art style that is referenced, with their bright colors and contemporary shades.

The Obsessed series of palettes (6 in total) range from vibrant tropical tones to more sedate yet seductive smokey tones.  Standing out is Obsessed 5 with its warm range of oranges and yellows in a mix of mattes and shimmer, each one offering a temptation of delectable colors that can be worn solo or combined to create a huge variety of looks.

Peach Y and Peach 2 are slimline palettes currated cleverly to give you an array of soft looks with a touch of glitter to boost the look in a small package that can be both practical and decorative.

Ccolor Cosmetics Peach Palettes
Ccolor Cosmetics Peach Palettes

On the face front, we have the 6 shade natural blush palette, perfect to both sculpt and shape the face with these curated and delicious shades set in a palette which are versatile bronze and blush tones that do exactly what they say; a touch of blush and bronze.

Ccolour is a fantastic, fun and quirky company who’s pro friendly palettes and products are a delight to the pocketbook and allow both professionals and consumers have fun with poppy makeup palettes and Ccolor spectrums that will not disappoint in price or quality.

Ccolor Natural Face Palette
Ccolor Natural Face Palette

To learn more about the range see:

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