3INA a Bold New Approach to Makeup

3INA makeup (pronounced Mina) has been making waves in Europe and is hitting the UK with the same force of nature that only a makeup brand can; with a splash of color.

Designed around the concept of no labels, the makeup is for everyone and caters to a variety of tastes from the neutral toned shadow palette to the vibrant colour spectrum that will suit every taste and desired look.

3ina eyes
3INA eyes

 3INA was born with a view to disruption. Responding to a generation who approached makeup in a fresh, fearless and democratic way, is a brand that is playful, built on confident aesthetics, and with a commitment to delivering premium products at an affordable price.

Already hailed by the blogger sphere as one of the must-haves in your makeup bag with their foundations making waves and garnering press attention for not just the color range but the variation of finish that has opened up doors to a more Global spectrum with a range of shades that are designed to meet the needs of multiple skin tones and maintains this method with their range is designed to work with all skin tones and allows anyone to play with shades and tones from the lightest to the darkest skin without worry.

3ina Foundation
3INA Foundation

Standing by their principle of being an affordable luxury, the range is overall designed to be experimental, bold and available to as wide a group as possible, a simple search on Instagram alone will showcase a variety of looks and different plays on the concept of self-expression taking everything from the classic smokey eye to the more vibrant and whimsical concepts that include stars and bold bright nails or glossy eyes.

Championing the concept of Globalism in cosmetics giving a freedom to the makeup community that seems to be a staple of the European makeup artistry ethos, with the brands primary base in Spain and flagship UK Store based in the prestigious Covent Garden (loved for its clean lines and simplicity).

3ina nails
3INA nails

To learn more about 3INA visit:

3INA website 

3INA Instagram 

3INA Youtube 

3INA Facebook 


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