3 Successful Habits to Include in Your New Year’s Goals

By Jennifer Cole


Nearly 92% of people who set goals for New Year never actually achieve them, based on research by the University of Scranton. That leads us to question just how the selected few like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah and Winfrey become highly successful. So what do they have that most of us don’t? Successful people claim their financial achievements start from their daily habits.

The truth is, a large part of what we can accomplish in life is directed by habits as it leads us to behave in specific patterns. Many of these positive habits don’t require a major life change but simply modifications to your daily routine. By creating good practices and adopting a positive behavior, you too can achieve success with the next year to come.


Early Bird Gets the Worm

Waking up can be the most difficult part of the day.  But for some of the most successful people in the world, rising early is what helps them achieve their goals. Apple CEO Tim Cook rises at 3:45 a.m., while Michelle Obama and Sallie Krawcheck rise at the wake of dawn. Simply having a routine helps keep them disciplined and with that, self-discipline goes hand in hand with success in every aspect of life.


Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash


Live on Less

The average American household carries over $15,000 in credit card debt alone, according to CNN. Managing money effectively is a key skill for achieving long-term goals as successful people learn how to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary expenses. In fact, they look for ways to increase their income and live under their financial capabilities. Aim to put your finances in order and focus on investing in what matters most.


Make Reading a Habit

Wondering how even the busiest people have time to read? They make it. While 43% of U.S. adults are not reading any form of literature, based on the Annual Arts Survey, these statistics don’t apply to some of the most successful people across the globe. For example:

  • Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day
  • Warren Buffet reads 500 pages a day
  • Bill Gates reads 50 books a year

Not to mention, Elon Musk reportedly “taught himself” how to build rockets by reading. As the costs to build a rocket are strikingly high, leading Musk to take it upon himself after reading how to do it.

After all, as Aristotle once said, “We are what we do repeatedly.” By practicing these habits, you can expect to see the dramatic changes in your career, life, and New Year’s goals.


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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