Linda Hallberg Cosmetics

Linda Hallberg cosmetics is a beauty revelation coming from a prominent social media influencer and makeup artist who’s range has become the talk of the internet and a huge hit for its simplified and paired down approach to makeup. 

Linda Hallberg Infinity Palette Deep
Infinity Palette Deep 

Built around the ethos that colour is colour and removing that structured rigid lipstick is lipstick and eyeshadow is eyeshadow method that has been the mainstay for years, she wanted something simple that allowed the person using the makeup to be their own artist and alchemist playing with the texture and colours of the makeup to create something personal.  

Starting with the infinity palette, available in the classic and the new deep, the colours are all practical, no nonsense shades that can be applied wet or dry to the face and body.  A utilitarian approach to makeup indeed.  Adding the metallic and enchanted palettes to the mix, you go from classic and chic to vamp in the sweep of a brush with the minimum of fuss and with less to carry around. 

The lip products that will make you wonder how you ever could’ve lived without our multi-use concept in your life. Depending on the product you can use them on lips, cheeks and nails for ultimate glow and hydration expanding on her artistic palette of multifunctional products.

 last but not least the crayon Kits are designed to inspire you to be more creative and with four different shade sets you can play to your hearts content. 

Linda Hallberg Lips
Linda Hallberg Lips 

The Linda Hallberg collection is capped off in a way that only a makeup artist could with brushes designed to be multi use, the entirety of the collection is so well choreographed it is without question a delectable selection of cosmetic tools that sits so well in the current market and stands out from the other social media artists out there with its close ties to fashion and easy to work with products.

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics

Linda Hallberg Brushes 

To learn more about the range see: 

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