The Cold Beauty of Platinum Blonde: How to Enhance Your Look

The Cold Beauty of Platinum Blonde: How to Enhance Your Look

Platinum blonde is a gorgeous color, which is extremely popular today. You can admire a great variety of whitish blonde looks on many celebrities. However, doing that will reveal one very important truth. You need to know how to wear this color if you want to look stunning with it. Otherwise, it might make you look unkempt and tasteless.


How to Rock the Platinum Blonde Look: 4 Essential Tips


1.      Choose a hairstyle that works with bleached locks

Being a platinum blonde means bleaching your hair every 6-8 weeks and using additional color treatments after this. Therefore, your hair is guaranteed to become dry and weakened. Some specialized hair-care treatments will help restore its health, but your locks won’t be at 100%.

This means that you have to cut down on styling, or else the damage will be too much. And don’t forget that heat styling makes your locks more yellow.

Choose a hairstyle that looks great naturally or can be easily styled in a ponytail or a simple updo. You need to find a cut that will work with the new texture of your hair, so bleach first and change the style a few days or even weeks afterward. And don’t forget that you’ll need regular trims to keep the ends of your locks from splitting.


Photo by Courtney Clayton


2.      Buy a purple shampoo

If you want to rock the platinum blonde look, a purple shampoo has to become your new best friend. This is the product that can help maintain your colour and thus cut down on the frequency of coloring treatments. Today the formula even makes it an effective aid for hair repair, which is why this blonde shampoo is taking the world by storm. It works even for super-lightened hair and removes the yellowing of bleached locks immediately. It also enhances the shine and moisturizes the hair shaft.

Bear in mind that there are dozens of shades for platinum blondes. Purple shampoos, which contain the anti-yellowing pigment, are also rather versatile. You’ll need to find the option with the right pigment concentration for your own chosen color.


Photo by rawpixel

3.      Go for natural makeup

You must have a good complexion to look amazing as a platinum blonde. There is no way around it as this color will drag all the attention to you and even a minor imperfection will be noticed.

You also need to learn how to be subtle with your makeup. Dewy healthy-looking skin a touch of mascara, a barely-there eyeliner to contour the eye, and nude lipstick are the way to go. Using anything bolder will most likely make your whole look seem vulgar and over-the-top.

Matte lipstick in cold purple or brown shades will look magnificent on you. And be sure to find a blush that looks so natural, no one would notice it’s an applied product. However, if you want to doll up for a party, you can go for the timeless vivid red lipstick. In this case, the rest of your makeup must be completely unnoticeable.


Photo by Jack Antal

4.      Dress the part

When you are a gorgeous platinum blonde, you have to look perfectly put together at all times. While there is no specific style that will work best with this hair color, there are some rules to follow when you wear it.

The most important one is to always be neat and polished. This means no rumpled clothing that should be in a laundry basket instead of on you. Wear colors that complement your new color-scheme, meaning the cold palette.

Being a platinum blonde is hard work that might require you to replace a big part of your wardrobe and makeup collection. Be sure to consider this and make the necessary changes before you bleach and tint your hair.


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