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Teeez cosmetics has become known for its unique stance on makeup, removing the label and allowing you to experiment with the products.

Going one step further they have created cleverly curated collections that combine the concept of removing the label with different names that will subdivide the makeup by your own personal style:

  • Disruption
  • Fashion Vendetta
  • Sugar Rush
  • Desert Glow
  • La Isla Chic
  • Beloved Skin
  • Limited Edition
disruption collection by Teeez Cosmetics
disruption collection by Teeez Cosmetics

The names create a sense of what you will be able to create and give them a little edge of dare I say, named concepts, but remember you don’t need to copy and paste the look, no, you are encouraged to create something fresh with the advantage of matching products that will give you a cohesive feel and sense of symmetry to your look.

The more you look at the Teeez collections, the more your mouth waters with anticipation of what you can achieve as your own makeup artist.  The colour spectrum has everything you need from the neutrals to the extreme and its all about the packaging and the lifestyle you bring to it.

Talking of the packaging, Teeez has always been clever about this and their delectable lipstick tubes or shadow cases vary enough that each box feels unique and adds to that sense of individualism they promote (and hit the mark with).  Removing the label of “this is how you do the look” makes the whole thing so much more personal with the option of adding your own details:

Desert Glow by Teeez Cosmetics
Desert Glow by Teeez Cosmetics

“What is that lipstick?” becomes “it’s my desert glow.”

Decadent? Perhaps but let’s be honest, makeup is about creation and this concept is simply a step in the right direction of being in control of your look.  You don’t have to be a designer devotee to enjoy your own uniqueness, Teeez brings you the tools to create and sculpt your identity with one of the most sought-after brands in Europe.

Fashion Vendetta by Teeez Cosmetics
Fashion Vendetta by Teeez Cosmetics

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