The UN Is Calling… Here’s How Fashion Can Help

In spite of our annual holiday cheer, the UN and U.S. government have released three reports within the last two months that shed a serious and honestly scary light on the state of climate change on our planet.
First, it was the UN report that said we have 12 years to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Then, it was the Black Friday report that predicted the current rate of climate change would have a negative impact on the US economy. And just yesterday, the UN announced that countries are not on track with their goals set in 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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While the fashion industry is starting to take note and some brands are creating change, there’s still much more that can be done. Sustainable basics brand Arvin Goods is seeking to keep the change coming. Working towards a closed-loop production cycle, Arvin Goods makes basics from 100% upcycled/donated materials with minimal to no water used while eliminating toxic dyes (saving 50+ gallons of water per pair of socks or underwear). Considering these sustainable practices, the brand retains accessible price points in the $8-$24 range, making sustainable fashion an option for everyone.
They even just launched a beanie made using  Polylana® fiber – the first and only alternative to 100% acrylic and wool on the market.
The next time you go to buy socks, underwear, or a winter beanie – why not opt for an affordable option that also helps our planet?


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